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Friday, September 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, September 12, 2002
From: vanity_press
Answer to HAHA's riddle

It is much to my surprise to see that you all got it wrong and not to mention the bizarre answers you have come up with. Here are the most accurate and unbiased answers:

1) As you all know at the time of earthquake everything starts to shake and vibrate. And this is no exception to the coconut tree. The first tree feels the shake and starts to vibrate. And it sings, "I feel good,". It then falls on the 2nd tree. The 2nd tree starts jamming and sings, "It's such a good's such a sweet sensation...". It then falls on the 3rd tree. The 3rd tree catches the party fever. And before you know it they are all holding each other tumbling on the dance floor. So the 3rd tree says, "Hold me, touch me all night long.....". I know what you are thinking. You must be saying, "What the....". But what do you expect, they are nuts, I mean coco-nuts.

2) This one is too easy. The couple takes the washing machine and put it in the middle of the plane.

3) Now here the psychopath Ant had a role to play. As in any love triangle one needs to be eliminated for the other to get the girl. Once the husband walked out of the hotel room, the vicious Ant attacked him and the poor fellow met his ultimate demise. Vanity, on the other hand, got the girl and went on to live happily ever after with the one he loved.

People Discussion
(Thursday, September 12, 2002)

Ha ha, nice answers - I particularly liked the first one :-)! By the way Vanity, are you sure that the psychopath ant is not doing anything behind your back ;-)? Sounds like a square to me - not a triangle :-)!

(Friday, September 13, 2002)

Good thinking HAHA. I forgot to mention that the psychopath ant is behind bars waiting prosecution. So, Vanity has nothing to worry about.

(Friday, September 13, 2002)

Oh such a smart evil plot! Using the psychopath ant just as a ploy to get the wife while eliminating the ant at the same time! I guess “bicharer bani nivrite kade” :-)!

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