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Friday, July 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, September 11, 2002
From: HAHA
More silly riddles :-)!

Sabrina I have posted the answer to the psycho ant riddle which is actually the same as Ant riddle # 3 :-)! Well I remember 3 more silly riddles :-)!

#1 There are 3 coconut trees. After an earthquake, one of them fell on the ground. After 5 minutes, another one fell on the ground. After 2 minutes, the last one also fell on the ground! Why did the 3 coconut trees fall on the ground?

#2 A couple won a washing machine in a lottery on their vacation to Bangkok. While coming home on Biman Bangladesh, they were notified by the pilot that the heavy washing machine was causing the plane to tilt which was not safe. What did the couple do to solve the problem?

#3 Another couple went on their honeymoon in Cox’s Bazaar. Unfortunately they ended up having a quarrel and consequently the husband walked out of the hotel room. He did not return the following morning so the wife went out to look for him. After searching for a while, she found her husband’s dead body near a tree. How did the husband die?

Good luck with the solutions :-)! I can’t wait to post the answers to these riddles! They crack me up every time I mention them :-)!

People Discussion
(Wednesday, September 11, 2002)

yeppiee!! more riddles!! I love riddles.

#1 The tress fell because there was an earthquake.

#2 The couple decided to sit on the other side of the airplane to shift the weight.

3#Vanity killed the husband.

Gimme the answers quickly...i can't wait either to have some laff.

(Thursday, September 12, 2002)

it cu be either the coconut trees or the washing machine that killed the husband .

(Thursday, September 12, 2002)


(Thursday, September 12, 2002)

1. people cut the trees down to make fire and drink coconut water

2. they let all the water out from the washing machine.

3. the coconut tree fell on the husband.

4. another coconut tree fell on the ANT and there is ANT NO MORE!!! *happy FLY*

(Thursday, September 12, 2002)


(Thursday, September 12, 2002)

Interesting answers :-)! Here you go –

#1 The first tree fell because of the earthquake. The second one fell because it wanted to find out what happened to the first tree :-)! The third one fell because it simply followed the first and the second tree :-) :-)!

#2 The couple threw the washing machine out of the plane :-) :-) :-)!

#3 Sabrina you were close! The washing machine from riddle #2 landed on the poor husband! Now I can’t vouch that Vanity was not behind the scheme :-)!

Well I hope you enjoyed the answers! I would love to hear more silly riddles from anyone out there!

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