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Saturday, July 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, September 06, 2002
From: vanity_press
Vanity's thought process & Sabrina's obsession with ants

As intelligent as the ants are, there was a different set of circumstances that provoked such a thought. Once I was walking along the shore of the ocean, suddenly I wandered into an exclusive beach resort which required a special dress code (no clothing to be precise) to be admitted. Should I or should I not, I paused for a moment. “This could be a small feat for a man but a giant leap into embarrassment for the mankind”, I thought to myself. But the ardent desire to get close to the prehistoric human spirit that was hiding inside me overwhelmed the momentary thoughts of disgrace. So, I did the inevitable. I traded my Speedo for the ocean wind. The sultry breeze caressed every part of my body as I was walking along the beach and at that very moment that profound thought struck me like a lightening bolt, “if you have nothing, you need nothing”.

This account of my thought process should be compelling or else I’ll have to resort to the ant story again. And I don’t think you want that, because my little friends could be very vicious to you.

People Discussion
(Friday, September 06, 2002)

Ha ha ha! Interesting background story. You still need things that are not tangible by the way :-)!

(Friday, September 06, 2002)

Have u ever heard the expression TMI? Too much information!!! I don't think we needed to know the story or the circumstance behind ur pseudo philosophy. How old are u vanity? Coz as far as I know ur"exclusive beach resort" must be catered to ppl who have had their hay days in the 50s ...nude beaches are grandmeres and grandperes fav hangout ... it must have been an aweful sight! eooooowwww Are u quite a frequenter at such veniues?? coz if u r, that says a lot abt ur taste vanity! eoooowwwwww
...and no one wears a speedo anymore these days ... that's soo passe!! u r badly out of touch with time vanity!!!

(Friday, September 06, 2002)


(Friday, September 06, 2002)

Take it easy. Think of it as a momentary aberration of mine. The language and depiction was quite implicit and harmless. At the same time I have no intention to raise an issue with age and swimwear.

(Monday, September 09, 2002)

ufff ...loosen up will ya vanity!!! I was just playin!!

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