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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, September 03, 2002
From: Sabrina
Vanity's Delusion abt talking-ants!!!!

Now u r talking to the ants eh? John Nash has two words for u sonny, "Schiz rulz." How long have u been out of the mad house vanity? Have u run out off ur medication? U shud take them regularly ... u don't wanna go back into that straight jacket now, do u? That ain't ur style I 'm sure.

Have u ever considered the fact how sneaky these tinyminy crawlers can be at times? This is the most popular joke/riddle among them ... they love the jibe ..."the third ant was lying." They are just taking advantage of ur naivety and turning u against me by creating this whole furore about sabrina-the-the-queen-of-darkness-is-calling-lil-ol-us-liars!!! Tsk!! Tsk!! Vanity!! Wake up. Don't turn ur back against one of ur own kind. These pesky lil things are having a blast at ur expense. They even have a skit on u at their popular late night show "Jay ANTeno." Trust me my friend. These pests have nuthing better to do, apart from the mere contribution they make on our ecology.
I wudn't lose my mind on what some stupid ants said! So stop sweatin' over it and get urself some bug spray. These thoughtless pests can be very much deluded as u r at times. Did u know that if u draw a line with a chalk before an ant convoy, they will stop at the line and go round it? Hahahaha ... so see my point? What do the ants know????

Give it a rest will ya!!

People Discussion
(Tuesday, September 03, 2002)

Sabuuu....nice one

(Tuesday, September 03, 2002)


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