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Saturday, September 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, September 03, 2002
From: vanity_press
News Flash: Sabrina, The Ant Instigator !

You all have read the answer to the quiz that Sabrina posted few days ago. She dismissed my answer although I think mine was accurate, as it was from the ants themselves. According to her the third ant was lying. So, I decided to find out who was actually lying. Was it the ant or she herself? They can’t both be right. It is always easy to call these poor little creatures liars and feel good about us when they couldn’t make their voice heard and have no representation. This situation calls for some reality check.

So I set out to meet my six legged friends and gave them the news. I said, “Hello little ones, I’ve got news for you”. “What news you could possibly have for us. We gave you the answer the other day”, they replied. Then I said, “Sabrina thinks you guys are lying. The third ant didn’t have anyone behind him, he simply lied”. Having heard this news the little crawlers became quite furious and agitated. They started running frantically all around me. After much consultation among themselves the spoke person for the ant community came forward and notified me that they could not accept your (Sabrina’s) answer. According to them your answer is not only wrong but also your accusation of them being liars is preposterous. “We are clever, but we are not liars”, they claimed. As the news of this shocking accusation had spread into the ant community, thousands of them came out of their burrows to protest against this human smear campaign. Some of them were even holding placards and banners. “SABRINA IS A WITCH”, one banner read. There were other slogans, which I could not quite remember. I tried in vain to calm the angry mob, but it was already too late. The gathering was gaining momentum. Not wanting to be caught by the angry crawlers, I was looking for an escape route. As I was running toward the alleyways, a little angry one wearing a red bandana came rushing toward me and blocked my way. Then he kept shouting at me, “you go and tell Sabrina, we don’t lie. You humans always lie and now, you are trying to project that on us. The third ant never lied. He simply passed the second ant and then said there was one behind me. Got it”. “Got it little fellow,” I mumbled. Then he let me go.

As you can see this whole thing has created quite an uproar in the ant community. Frankly, I don’t blame them. Who wants to get labeled as liar for no reason what so ever. I think they have every reason and right to be acrimonious. I know I would if I were to find myself in their situation. Unless Sabrina comes up with some concrete evidence or admits that she was wrong I suspect the controversy over this alleged accusation will continue for sometimes to come.

People Discussion
(Tuesday, September 03, 2002)

:-) :-)!

(Tuesday, September 03, 2002)

hahaha....lolz...this is funny...and cute....This is so ture...very nice vanity press...

(Tuesday, September 03, 2002)

ImmAgiNaTioN dAt iS yOuR CreAtIoN

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