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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, August 30, 2002
From: **~KonkaBoti~**

what is aloneness?

People Discussion
p deshi
(Friday, August 30, 2002)

This is what the dictonary tell us about aloneness: unaccompanied,unescorted,solitary , by oneself , on one'e own , lonesome,solo,solus, unattended, isolated,unassisted,unaided,unhelped,single-handed,by oneself,single handedly,independently,individually,personally under one's own steam.
I think aloneness is, when at the end of the day you're home and you realize that there is no one out their for you that's aloneness. Also, you might be in your bed next someone but you still feel like you're alone then that's aloneness to me.

(Saturday, August 31, 2002)

nice way of thinking, pordeshi! thanks. but the way you talked about it, seems it is all negetive. is aloneness realy all that bad? does not it bring a sense of tranquality too? can it not give us sense of creativity? some time to do some self analysis? finding out new ways of doing tings or approaching life?

can we creat some thing new and important being in "togetherness" all the time?

p deshi
(Saturday, August 31, 2002)

It depends on what one wants out of life.People who done so much for the world in the past sometime were alone and enjoyed working by themselves. But,me I like togetherness over loneliness, I might enjoy working alone but at the end of the day I want to be with someone I care for and who cares for me. Robindranath wrote more than most of the writers of the world and he had a family life and that didn't keep him from creating for a very long time.

(Saturday, August 31, 2002)

tumi agun ke zigasha korsoo zolee jaoaa kake bolee?tumi ondookarke zigaasha korso kalo kake bole?tumi fuler kasee kuzee barasoo misty subas,,tumi kohonoo taa kuzee pabe za tomar kasee theke oo tumi kuzee barasoo.
aree aii prithibi tey sobai akaa.tumi nizee oo kono nah kono place aa akaa.zamon ami balobasha pai oo aka.karon ami akhon onek doree.amar kasee nai amar hatee tar hat,nai amar nakee tar chuler subas.ami zokhon ichaa tar sathee koitey pari nah kono kotha,paainah kono tar dekha.tobuoo amra akee oporke balobhasii.onek onek basii.and this is why i am may have some aloneness like this.findout that and you will find your answer.

p deshi
(Saturday, August 31, 2002)

That may be in some cases true konka.But, I think most people that invent things were married and that togetherness didn't stop them from creating something that change the looks of the whole world.I don't know I just don't think someone has to be alone to do something great.

(Sunday, September 01, 2002)

..........Eka.......Eka lage Rima ke chara.&thats lonliness.?????zubok

(Sunday, September 01, 2002)

a phoebia
or the exclusive state of a personality that forces one to dive into oneself ... deliberately retrograding from the real world to the self created imaginery one to hug the self defined ranquillity

Rony Salman
(Sunday, September 01, 2002)

Yes Konka, we may look at aloneness from a different perspective; so did the American poet Emily Dickinson in her ‘The Single Hound’, as long as about an hundred and fifty years ago:

Of so divine a loss
We enter but the gain,
Indemnity for loneliness
That such a bliss has been!

To my understanding, people do need ‘aloneness’ in the moments of meditation, whether be a prayer or deep rumination in the work of art, literature, culture, scientific researches and even ordinary studies! Our ecstatic hearts thrilled from reading a piece of great poem or novel may owe it to many sleepless lonely nights of its author!! So, aloneness may have its contribution to a great creation or self-analyzing cogitations as Konka mentioned above!!

Rony Salman
(Sunday, September 01, 2002)

Apart from above, as far as one’s despair in loneliness is concerned, I am drawn to the last line of P deshi’s comments above to state the fact that a real loneliness is endured when one feels it amidst a bunch of people around, and that is far too vicious than what one feels when no one is around!!

(Monday, September 02, 2002)

Rony, that's a very nice poem you have quated. There is a famous one from Rabindronath about aloneness too, I guess you heard it:

jaano, ekela kaahare bole?
boshe aahci bhora money..
dite chai, nite keho naai..

p deshi
(Monday, September 02, 2002)

People didn't come to this world to be alone.Even in the jungle they make friends amongst animals and learn how to comunicate with them.
It might be fun thinking about lonelyness now but later in life its no fun at all. I saw older people what they do to just talk to somebody anybody.Its like that line "Doridro tumi more korecho mahan", we al know its BS. Ask the poor people they will tell it doesn't make them anything.If you really want to know how real lonelyness is please go and ask some people who are really lonely and then tell me what you think about aloneness.

Rony Salman
(Monday, September 02, 2002)

Ota Rabindranath er? Amaar to money hoy aami kobey jeno bolechhilaam o kothhagulo.. .Rabindranath shuney thhakbey hoyto!!

Otee shadharon kothamalar gathhunitey ki oshadharon ek shundor chhondomoy kobita! Ei oshamanno shahitto protibha amaar jatitey jonmechhilo bhabte-e monta bhorey jaay!! Thanks Konka, Rabindra-ekakitter oi pongtigulo amaar jana chhilo na!

Rony Salman
(Monday, September 02, 2002)

P deshi, no one will argue about the fact that people want to be loved and the same goes for loneliness too, no one wants to lead a lonely life! I have mentioned about love, cause, those two words, love and loneliness are very much related to each other, no one wants to be alone, as everyone needs love in life. We are not talking about the loneliness for the entire life, or for years, or even for a day, we are talking about the loneliness for some ‘moments’ (or situation) when people want to be alone or need to be alone!

p deshi
(Wednesday, September 04, 2002)

Ami jar jonneo likhechi se bujte parche ki bolechi abong keno bolechi,it wasn't for everyone, thx.

(Monday, September 09, 2002)

(Saturday, October 26, 2002)

aloneness is like a mirror for soul. aloness is obsessive to one who knows.

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