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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, August 30, 2002
From: Sabrina
Answer to ur query abt the quiz HAHA and Vanity

u guyz are thinking way too much's just as simplem as it reads ... the 3 ants are walking in a straight line ... in the same direction .... got it????? ... now chop chop ... gimme an answer .... pronto!!

People Discussion
(Friday, August 30, 2002)


(Friday, August 30, 2002)

It appears that the answer to your quiz was not satisfactory as you changed the constriant. Well, seems like I just have to go to the root of the riddle literally. So I did. I went out and looked for ants. Before I knew it I found myself into the middle of an ant conferrence. Careful not to cause any disruption with their gathering I posed the question. I still can't forget their mockery and laughter when they heard my question. Finally a kind few (three to be exact) came forward and whispered me the answer. "It's simple, the third ant passes the second ant and says there is an ant behind me", they whispered. Then they laughed and laughed even more. I on the other hand kept scretching my ant bites. Little price to pay for the conquest of knowledge wherever it may be...

(Monday, September 02, 2002)

it's funny what trouble u went to thru to get to the "bottom" of this ludicruous riddle vanity ...hence ur name vanity (how appropriate) ... mosha martey kaman dagano ... that's what i call it ... anyhoo ... the answer to the ridiculous quiz is even more ridiculous .... the third ant was lying ...... hahahahaha!!!!

hope the ant bites have healed by now

(Monday, September 02, 2002)

Sab...nice one

(Monday, September 02, 2002)


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