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Friday, August 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, May 27, 2001
From: shybal
givin' u a topic to talk abt

I believe, more or less all of u r aware of the terrible, misfortunate of the acid burn gls in here(BD). the daily news paper that we keep at our home(Janakantho n Prathom Alo) is vocal in the favor of this gls. so, very often some fearsome, decomposed fares caught my sight
what is in their fate in future? 'll they ever be able to lead their life like another normal gls? 'll they ever 've a family of their own? i know that their's a law which gives death sentence to the offenders n once in a while........!!!!!!!!! one death......the offence he/she commited has given the poor gls 10000000000 times death sentence in her life time. don't u think yaaaaaaaaa???????
the offenders 'll never neverrrrrrrr never realize how painful result's waitin' for the victim through him/her life. so, i want to say that those offenders should be given the same sentence which they applis to the victims

i know, many of u 'll say its inhumane, irrational n revengful. but i 'll request u to think the realization of the offender what he/she did. the best result 'll come out of it.......that others 'll be alarmed for doin' the shitty crime again

******* one of my friend was the victim of this circumtance n reminded me last week, again*******

People Discussion
(Sunday, May 27, 2001)

jara ei kaajgulo kore.... taader kaachhe to humanity-r kono mulloi nei, shybal....!!!!

Amader durbhaggo je amra Bangladesh e baash kori.... jodio ei desher maati ke aami prochondo bhalobashi... kintu, ei desher aainer proti amar ektuo sroddha nei..!!!

Tomar shashti taa amar pocchondo hoyechhe.... aami ei kaajtii korte chaaitaam oi noroposhu guloke..!!!

(Monday, May 28, 2001)

Thank you for your nice topic.
I also think like You "offenders should be given the same sentence which they applis to the victims" and it will be an appropriate punishment for him/ may be inhumane, irrational n revengful.ButI think it is the only way to realize it what he/she did.

(Tuesday, May 29, 2001)

thx shopto n buno for ur opinions(at list, u guys admit with me what i think for those offenders)!!!!!!!!!!!!

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