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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, August 17, 2002
From: p deshi
Lets not tell our sad stories only...lets do something about it.

I was in a long vacation for three months, so I spend a lot of time on various chat rooms where Bangladeshi people are getting together. I think I heard it all in these three months, in some case more than I wanted to hear.
I met guys who aren't happy in their married life and I met girls married and unmarried who are not happy with what they got going in their life. I told most people to do whatever makes them happy, life is too short and everyone is entitled to a happy life. I was really surprised to know some ladies who are living a life where they are not appreciated at all. Some are being ignored or abused in various manner for years. Some of these ladies want to change their situation by doing something about the problems they have but some are just giving it up and dying everyday little bit.Its saddens me a very much to see people suffer like that, because they made a mistake or they were forced into a marriage that they didn't want to be in, in the first place. The thing that bothered me more is that some just don't want to try to change their conditions. They are just scared of many things, like family, friends and every other weak little excuse they can come up with to avoid trying to make their life better.
I have one thing to say to these people, you know you came to this world once and you should do everything to make each day count and be happy. Don't live your life being afraid, don't live your life like someones slave but live life like a free human being. Don't just talk about your problem do something about it, you (ladies)have more power than you think and use it for your own good first. And to the fathers and all parents of young girls: treat your daughters with respect and give them what they need , don't push them so much that they will run away with the first guy they meet. I will tell you (parents) that you should not do like what this man did with his daughter, here's what he did: She wanted to learn playing the guitar, so she asked her mom and bought one the next day. But her father didn't like the idea and thought music is evil, so he broke the guitar and told her daughter not to be like westerners. I know most Bangali man are used to treating the women in their life like this and its just wrong. Some girls in England who were born in Bangali parents are getting married to Whites and this will continue to happen if Bangali men don't change the ediotic way they behave .Last word, Life is too short to spend most of it in pain, so just try to be deliriously happy in life, fall in love and be with a person you love no matter how big the cost is.Try your very best to live life to its fullest capacity. I wish every men and women a life they adore.Good luck everyone.

People Discussion
(Saturday, August 17, 2002)

you have no idea what is life is and u need to grow up smell the coffe.At the same token when ur not married then u have no clue what is marriage about.First try to hold a relationship with someone for a while and get the experience.When u don't have any kids urself then u don't know what is parenting about.Happy?...Find out deep down inside of ur heart ru happy urself first? Get out of the closet and face the truth of subconcious mind of urs.Gohead get some education and learn how to respect friends and others become somebody in the society then come this bulletin board advice pepople love,marriage,relationship and happines ect.Okk.....Banglai ekta kata ache

(Saturday, August 17, 2002)

"Akkol banda ichara bchok, beakkol banda laitta bachok"

(Saturday, August 17, 2002)

Be brave lets do somthing urself.

p deshi
(Saturday, August 17, 2002)

I don't write these for all people, if you don't like it its your problem.What I did in my life you don't know that,you sound like someone getting caught doing something wrong, like pretending to fall in love with some little girl who has no clue that you're married with kids. I have no respect for people who misguides others just for fun and plays with people's emotion. You told me to get educated, well you need to go back and learn the first thing about education that is character, morale and being able to figure out whats right and what's wrong.

(Sunday, August 18, 2002)

Got a call from an old friend

We used to be real close

Said he couldn't go on the American way

Closed the shop, sold the house
Bought a ticket to the West Coast

Now he gives them a stand-up routine in L.A.

I don't need you to worry for me cause I'm alright

I don't want you to tell me it's time to come home

I don't care what you say anymore, this is my life

Go ahead with your own life, and leave me alone

I never said you had to offer me a second chance

I never said I was a victim of circumstance

I still belong, don't get me wrong

And you can speak your mind

But not on my time

They will tell you you can't sleep alone In a strange place

Then they'll tell you you can't sleep
With somebody else

But sooner or later you sleep In your own space

Either way it's okay
You wake up with yourself

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