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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, August 08, 2002
From: Garbaze_boy

Hellow guys/girlz!How r u?A few days back all of us hav celebrated the
"Friendship Day".Several of us hav exchanged greeting cards,wishes,views
with our friends regarless of gf or bf.I feel a bit interested to mention
another occasion,an occasion for the PREMIK-PREMIKA.Yah,i`m talking
about Valentines Day.But u know guys,when i think about that day,my
entire heart fills with sheer blue pain,enimosity and strong apathy towards
girlz(necessary to mention,i feel it not for all time rather just after
a pure CHAKA).Today i m gonna tell some of my PRMKHANI(more suitable to use
the term CHAKA_KHANI).After hearing those sob story,u will find how unconsolable
those r and gets an idea of my almost 2 decade old rustic,wounded heart.

I hav been feeling an overwhelming interest towards girlz from the very
beginning of my boyhood.The first such distracting incident took place
when i was 4.I used to go to a local MADRASHA to learn Arabic.After some
of my classes i got acquainted with a girl(think she was at my age or
some older).She was the beautiful and cutiest girl i had ever witnessed.
Everyday i sat beside her and all the time i tried to convince her,instead
of my lesson,so JA HOBAR TAI HOTO.Everyday my HUJUR made the best use of
his 3 no BET.I cant remember a day without a BETER BARI after our
introduction.Guys,may be u r thinking why i was beaten up.Well,i couldnt
manage a second to prepare my lesson.ARRE BHAI TIME KEMNE PAMU--PORA
to satisfy those BETER BARI for long.One day i found her absent.After 4/5
days i was get to know that her family had shifted.OH.. my tender heart broken into
millions.My CHAKAFYING story rolled on.

My million pieces of broken-heart never been merged untill i was 9.
I was in class 4.A chubby girl of my class grabed my attraction
once again.She was my neighbour as well.In the early morning i showed
promptness n got ready for school((usually i went school at 8.10
where my classes started at 8).Actually i waited for her, a distance
away from my home.She used to come with her father.UFF GOD DAMN IT!!
Being fumed n snarled i said with an oily face""Slamalaikum Uncle!Aree tomi,
cholo akshate schole jai"In the class i sat in the same row and all the
time i glared at her.After 5/6 months,when i was preparing to say"JANU
AMI NA TOMAKE VHALOBESHE FELECHI",all on a sudden she said their family
would shift.OH GOD,same KAHINY again.My second glorious CHAKA.

Anyway,i m always been an optimistic boy.I passed my SSC.On my vacation
i went to my uncle`s home.I hav three cousin BONS(1 is around my age,1 two
years junior n the other too tiny to mention).I hav also other uncles home
rite there,n a brother there.My moonstruct heart once again agitated.
All the day-nite long i glued with them(infact i was interested on
both of them),played AKKA_DOKKA,video games,kana-machi n so on.But u know
hapyy time never last long,n my time was not exceptional.1 n half months
passed away so quickly.I had to return home,my mum continually calling
over phone.Anyway,i revealed all to my cousin brother n told him to
take care of my HOTE PARE LOVER COUSINS.I came back home.After one year
i rushed there.Yah,they were looking more shiny n cute.Guys,wait a sec,
the tragic ending has yet to mome short.That afternoon all were sitting on
rooftop n enjoyed gossipying.Suddenly i found my cousin brother n
my HOTE PARTO LOVER went aside n talking as if they were......I made
no dealy,n the next morning i got the return train.
HUH!!the cousin whom i had told to take care of my lover,,all he did was just
encrach her.....

Now i m an hons student.When i was just admitted,i feel the need of a
permanent affair.N u know guys,i was successful to grow up a relation with a girl
from other department.I was dreaming bout her n living on an illusion.
Necessary to mention,i hav been living on hostel.Once at 8pm or like this my
lover called me on my mobile.Iwas very surprised n delighted as well.i was
preparing to utter soem romantic words.At that time,she asked me to call
a BORO bhai from the next room.I was dumb-founded.Icouldnt believer my ears.
I just switched my mobile off.Can u imagine my lover(MONE HOE AITAO 1 SIDED CHILO)
searching for other boy to talk with over my phone,huh.

Guys,u know,since i m an optimistic boy,i dont give up.I m still searching.
But now i hav changed my medium.Now everyday i join a cyber cafe.Yah,rite..
now i m searching through net.I hav already given all my profiles
to the sites like,, n many others
n waiting for reply.I know one day i will be successful.

Thanz guys/girlz,for giving so much time to read my boring,garbaze sobstory.
But i hav thousands of stories like these.Ok i will tell u later.Bye for now.

People Discussion
(Thursday, August 08, 2002)

hmmmm these ain't love or chaka stories....most of your stories fall into the border line of "one sided desire"....itz only valolaga not valobasha

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