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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, May 26, 2001
From: neelbedona
from megh to all users

Dear, users and all chatters.. Bulletin board is for short essential pubic messages. It's not for poems, poetry or any other craps. So, many people come here from various types of humanities. This is NOT for chat at all. So, don't pollute it by posting stupid things. And don't pollute your beloved main chat room. Have you ever seen any of foreign website's bulletin boards??? On bulletin board people don't pull each other legs and give lame excuses. This is the first bulletin board on the earth where people write only worst things. It's making your and our country's strong personality down. How will you feel if some of your foreign friends visit your beloved bulletin board and say, Ohhh, "I know all Bengali people pulls each other legs so, their bulletin boards should be like that"

You true Bengalis don't want to hear that right??? So, for your country sake stop writing stupid things. Bulletin is for essential public needs, try to understand folks. You can say megh you wrote too, but I have realized it and I felt ashamed for that. So, its my request to you people please stop writing about chicken fights.. poems.. poetries.. unsung stories, jokes and other crappy things. It will be your and your country's shame if any foreigners visit here and have a look at your so-called activities.

So, don't put yourself, your country's personality down to others. Bangla2000 has opened for you people and if it gets close then it will be for you people too. So, better you decide what do you want?? To make our country's ancient culture more proud to say to others.. or wanna destroy it. Choice is yours..

People Discussion
(Saturday, May 26, 2001)

Hope our friends will understand what brother megh had try to emphasize.
May Allah subhanahu taala guide us and help us to restore our glorious tradition to every respect of our life.

(Saturday, May 26, 2001)

At last you realized what is bulletin board. Thank you for your realization. I think everybody will realize it today or tomorrow and it will be a part of our daily life. I also hope B2K will take some steps to make it attractive. At least they can remove that stupid things which is breaking down our all hope and showing us as a worse nation in the world.

(Saturday, May 26, 2001)

not a bad projection through the LONGEST possible "short essential msg." as a true bangladeshi i cant aquisce in though with a the point hammered recurringly. what is public msg? and whats that charter / MOU defines the scope of bulletin board ? i guess its no place for giving publc /national directives. poems / poetry are craps ? stupid things ? arnt they some sorts of msg? for sure foreigners wont like to c their common slangs (that few guys master well instead of the other good things of the foreign language / culture) used unnecessarily either. but i agree there is a point that neelbedona wanted to highlight . B2K admin should be the ultimate auth and should define the scope of msg that can be posted here. thanx

(Saturday, May 26, 2001)

Ki hoy ekta duita kobita likhle??!!:((

(Sunday, May 27, 2001)

yea poem..stories r stupid things. there is no place in the world for dreamers.. get a life.

(Sunday, May 27, 2001)

didn't i mention the same craps on poem n son' what megh just repeated? u ppl r postin' so many topics n which r really useless n unprotuctive!!!!!!!!!!

(Sunday, May 27, 2001)

Thanks megh.. for being fair about yourself....!!!

Salutes from Buno..!!!

(Sunday, May 27, 2001)

shybal is the only productive user of this bulletine board...ha ha ha ha ha ha!...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

(Sunday, May 27, 2001)

ato din-a bujta parla.....pocha apuuuuuuu?????? eiii dukho ami kothay rakhiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!

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