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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Friday, July 26, 2002
From: p deshi
Bhalobasa jodi emon hoye

Ajkal manusher samporko eto hisheb kore hoye je tate kono bhalobasha thake na. Ekjon emon manusher katha likhchi jar bhalobashar kono tulona amar jana nai.

Prasanna, a 25-year-old dental school student at USC, would stop by the campus office of S, Kumar, a stranger who would become a friend.She would speak dreamily of a love that had come to her like a sweet surprise.
Kumar, like Prasanna, was from south India.She was deeply in love,say's Kumar, associate director of the office of International Serviceses.
Such plans they had had ,Prasanna and her husband, Pendyala. They wanted to get Prasanna through the demanding two year graduate program she had begun only a few months earlier, and establish her career somewhere in the United States. He would go with her whereever that might be. Then they were going to start a family.
But her husbands death aboard American Flight 11, when it crushed in to the world trade center changed everything. After Pendyala's death her father came and asked her to leave Los Angeles with him , she said Los Angeles were her home. She said the best way for her to remember her husband was to stay in the program and complete it, says Kumar, who remembers her saying these words: " His memory is only going to strengthen my resolve".
One afternoon Kumar, got an urgent call from colleagues. Los Angeles police were at Prasanna's apartment and he was asked to go there immediately.At the door , an officer asked him if he thought he could handle the task of identifying the body of the young woman inside. "Yes, of course, he said holding onto a slim hope.
What he saw in the apartment, he instantly knew, would be with him always. Prasanna had strung the rope over the Nautilus equipment her husband worked out on.Without warning or explanation, she had taken her life, too much grief to carry through a world gone cold.Kumar's wife say's he didn't sleep that night, haunted by the image. Asked if he's ok now, he says: " I don't know." It's as if the Prasanna he knew was the ghost of a sept. 11, crushed by grief." I keep wondering if I missed something," says Kumar, his face full of shadows. "Maybe I should have dropped everything when she called the day before her death and be there for her,"
He missed nothing.Prasanna revealed only what she chose to, then followed after her husband, taking love without limit to a world without end.
Now, this is love. It's nice to see still to this day people can die for love.

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