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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, July 07, 2002
Rony Salman k bolchi

If you have time, look for my responseon my previous writing..thanks

People Discussion
Rony Salman
(Sunday, July 07, 2002)

I usually have to stay away from the PC on my Saturdays and Sundays, but last weekend, if I only knew, I had such SWEET messages awaiting me from that stunning Opsora, I would have logged onto the school at mid night and broken into the computer (sorry, read that as '... Would have broken into the school and logged on to the computer! See how your messages have made me fall head over heels... my words have been all awry and faltered since I saw your messages this morn)!

Rony Salman
(Sunday, July 07, 2002)

If I am the star of your universe, you are my star, moon, sun, planets and whatever else (now I regret, I should have studied geography/astronomy more seriously, I didnt know it would come up so handy in saying beautiful things to beautiful creatures on earth!) is there in the universe! You gotta excuse one of my limitations, I am not very glib at saying nice things, but I am learning! See, its only the other day I started seeing and saying nice things when someone told me, my words could put her up on cloud nine!

Yes, its a sad thing that we cant be online at the same time, but who knows, (like you said), we may get lucky someday and meet and say, Etodin kothay chile...

(Monday, July 08, 2002)

Dear Rony Salman,
Kothay Chile athodin? Hehehehe..dekha na hothei aei bollam r dekha r kotha hole monne hoi sense harabo...tumi tho tao ulta palta ja houk bolcho, r ami nibrak shudhu-e...
It would sound so funny but really I got up 4:30 in the morning my time just to check if you were on line...If I have done all those for u, this is what you have done for me dear!!
So, my open book star, r kemon acho tumi? Nishchoy nice nice kotha bole r o million more ke pagol korcho? hehehehe..joking dear!
Tumi jemon claim korcho amake, ami temon kichu-e asole nah..Kotha boli onek shadamata..hopefullytomar shunthe bhalo lagbe..
Will be waiting for your response...bhalo theko..

Rony Salman
(Tuesday, July 09, 2002)

Kothay chilam... ASHCHORJO! E muhurte mone korte parchhi na!! Othocho, ei to matro kichu khon aage-o jantam... Ami kothay, kotha theke eshechhi ar kothay jabo!! Tomar posting e Dhukey tomar message ta poray hotath shob kichu elo-melo hoye gelo!! Kichhu te-i mone korte parchi na!!
If I knew you were there at 4:30 your time, I sure would have been there no matter what it would have taken! I told you, I just have started learning 'nice nice kotha' only the other day, I still havent got the chance to try them on anyone!

(Tuesday, July 09, 2002)

Shudhu Ashchorjo? Marakthok obostha!!!...Tumi amar message porar por hariye jao, r ami?? Kothay je thaki, r ki j kori? Shudhu Opekha r Opekha..Kothokhone sokal hobe r BB dekhbo...
Anyway, abar jodi kokhono vor 4:30 make korthe pari, I would not forget to let you know...
Tomar nice nice kotha dindin nicetoro hoye jacche...Let me know when you apply that on to anyone else but me...hehehehe..

With lots of liking, Opsora

Rony Salman
(Wednesday, July 10, 2002)

I thought, the most adored word was coming when I saw the line start with .. with lots of...! And I thought I had all the patience of the world!

Kichu Kichu opekhha boro aanonder! Goto kota din dhore boro aanonder shathe B2k te dhukchhi! E opekhha o aanondo debi dorshon-er jonno!

I am still a novice in doing nice nice kotha, I guess, I will be applying them for the next million years, let me know when you get bored!

Tobe shonka hochhe, B2k (and B2ks people) ar kotodin ebhabe amader b2k er space use korte debe, ekdin na otisthho hoye potro path (akhhorik orthhey) bidaay kore dorja ta bondho kore dey!!

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