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Saturday, August 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, July 07, 2002
From: Leen
An Equation

The word (Sea or Water) mentioned 32 times, and the word (Landmass) mentioned 13 times in the Holy Qur'an, if we add them together we will get 45.

Now let us do some calculations...

By finding the percentage of the number of the word (Sea) to the total number of the words (Sea and Landmass) we will have:
(32/45)x100% = 71.11111111111%

By finding the percentage of the number of the word (Landmass) to the total number of the words (Sea and Landmass) we will have:
(13/45)x100% = 28.88888888889%

We will find what Allah (swt) said in His Holy Book 14 centaury ago that the ratio of water on earth is 71.11111111111%, and the ratio of landmass is 28.88888888889%,
add them together and you will get 100%, and these are the real ratios of the Water and landmass on earth.

So what do you think? Could it be a Chance?!

Credits: Dr. Tarik Al-Suwaidan

People Discussion
p deshi
(Sunday, July 07, 2002)

Leen, Islam is perfect in theory.The problem is how muslims apply it in their everyday life.Look at the muslim world and you will see how they(men)are using Islam to take advantage of women.They are interpreting Islam their way to make life easy for them. Look into the Qur'an and see what it said about four wives and we all know how men in the muslim countries making it a part of the muslim culture, I can go on and on about other things like this. Even the non muslim scholars have no doubt about the authenticity of the Qur'an.But, by using part of it we muslims are making it a joke of the western world, as they make fun about us having the right to have four wives, but its not a right by any means,its an obligation.And it was very clear in the holy book that if one can't treat his four wives equally then he should not do it,period.

(Sunday, July 07, 2002)

My intention was to initiate a discussion. My endeavour was successful in that regard. Just wanted to point out the glamour resides in an authentic realized miracle. Yes, the Islamic world does face numerous number of serious problems: It would be foolish if we deny this. Our true existence is at stake. Now it is time to determine whether Islamic Countries have done worse, or much worse promoting equality between the sexes. Not only that, we need to make a comparison with others (with a comparable history) in pursuing economic growth and keeping the peace. There are much to talk about. But I could not avoid the fascinating beauty in mathematical magic.

(Monday, July 08, 2002)


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