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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, July 03, 2002
From: I_am_J
I am Sorry

Aami Antorick Bhabe Sokoler Kache Khoma Prarthi. Khoma Chai Aamar LAST POSTING er Jonno. Aamar Kono Dharona Chilo Na, A-khane (BB) Ontoto Ekjon-o Nai RESPONSE Korar Moto. Sobai Jane Khali ARGUMENT Korte. Aamar Jiboner On-no-tomo Bhul Hoyeche Aapnader Kache RESPONSE EXPECT Kore. Aamar LAST POSTING er karone Jader Omul-lo Somoy Nosto Korechi, Aami Tather Kache Khoma Chai.

** please mind it, my this posting is only for those who read my last posting.

People Discussion
Rony Salman
(Wednesday, July 03, 2002)

Dear J, don’t be so disappointed or get personal about it! There are many different circles here and sometimes, people don’t opt to comment on a posting published by someone out of his/her circle even though they find the contents interesting! I went through your previous posting, it was more of a joke/satire than the one with a message! I did enjoy that posting but really didn’t have anything to comment on! Keep up with it, may be one day, you will find one of your postings participated by so many people that it will be stretched to the longest one of B2k!!

(Thursday, July 04, 2002)

dear j, your posting was really interesting and true also...but I think you said it all...nothing else is left...tobuo chinta korbo, jodi kichu pai oboshshoi pathabo.

(Thursday, July 04, 2002)

Dear Rony And Nishii, Thank you so much. if anyone wrote a single sile on my last posting then i would not be disappointed. i was because, i found none here to response. anyway, atleast you two response now. thanks again.

** Rony Bhai, aami jani, ekhane oonek Different Circles aache. tai to aami Help ceyechilam. thanks for your comments.

(Thursday, July 04, 2002)

"sile" > "line"

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