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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, July 03, 2002
From: shagor
The threat of coolness

From now on people can define Bangladesh as the city of weirdoes and excessively cool people. I was more than inspired to write this after strolling near the dhanmondi lake yesterday.
Define coolness … to most guys it’s guys a matter of wearing rings, dangling ones at that. Then there are bizarre necklaces, feminine bracelets worn with long hair just as I saw that day. Surely then some teens want to be girls, maybe some day the ultimate motto of their coolness will be to wear shalwar kamiz and frocks ..(Mini skirts is not there) .:D as if this was not enough , on the , on the bridge I saw some teenagers chattering away . Now there’s nothing so bad about they were all so ´cool’ that I had to pause and marvel at their coolness. Each of them held a healthy thing of beauty ‘ named most commonly the cigarettes. They were smoking away as if they need to contest the large natural clouds up in the sky. How much cooler can a person, I wonder shaking my head . Instantaneously my question was answered. A shattering bass sound splintered my eardrums. a car filled with bunch of teenagers with hanger 18(song) on the audio player raced through the road. I could only glance at the burred face ( all shaking their heads like a treetop in a storm ) . now that’s what I call ultimate coolness! 1 question through why don’t they just shut the windows so that nobody can see their face? Listen up. And listen carefully.. The roads in Bangladesh are not meant for too cool people like you who race away without paying any heed to the traffic. Another cart zoomed right behind the first as if in hot pursuit.’’I m a slave for you ‘’ was blaring out loud from the audio player . What’s wrong with the teenagers’ there days? Boys nowadays are listening to britney spears ! I saw enough Bangladeshi teen coolness spirit for one day. I returned home hurriedly fearing that next I will see one of my friend ( maybe naveed) in sari singing emilias “” I M A BIG BIG GIRL …

People Discussion
(Wednesday, July 03, 2002)

(Wednesday, July 03, 2002)

(Wednesday, July 03, 2002)

you are giving a typical teenager outlook, but maybe thats what you care to llok at. There is lot more in the streets of Dhaka than jst long-haired, ear-pierced, chain smoking youths. If you let your peers define whats cool then why whine about it? Be your own self, and definte your own coolness :)

(Thursday, July 04, 2002)

Well said, clus!!!

(Thursday, July 04, 2002)

yeah i know there is lot of think ....cluster11.. and beside tht i do care for my coolness to . my topic was abt the tht was including my topic .

(Saturday, July 06, 2002)

Shagor, teen age er dhormo holo Ulto Srote chola! kaajei tara ja kichu normal taar ulto ta kore. je joto ulto kaaj korte paare, se toto cool! ete obaak hobar ba bhoy pabar kichu nei. Teen age to aar sharajibon thaake na!!

(Monday, July 08, 2002)

eeeyy shob teen agers ra ek na kintu!...Jodiyo ekta shomoy e shobai key ek mon e hoy..but still not all teens act the same way!

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