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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, July 02, 2002
From: capsule20mg
think for love

There are times when we are timid and shy about expressing the love we feel.
For fear of embarrassing the other person, or ourselves, we hesitate to say
the actual words "I love you" So we try to communicate the idea in
other words.
We say take care or don't drive too fast or be good.
But really, these are just other ways of saying I love you, you are
important to me, I care what happens to you, I don't want you to get hurt.
We are sometimes very strange people. The only thing we want to say, and the
one thing that we should say, is the one thing we don't say. And yet because
the feeling is so real, and the need to say it is so strong, we are driven
to use other words and signs to say what we really mean. And many times the
meaning never gets communicated at all and the other person is left feeling
unloved and unwanted.
Therefore, we have to LISTEN FOR LOVE in the words that people are saying to
us. Sometimes the explicit words are necessary, but more often, the manner
of saying things is even more important.
A joyous insult carries more affection and love within the sentiments, which
are expressed insincerely. An impulsive hug says I LOVE YOU even though the
words might be saying very different.
Any statement of a person's concern for another says I love you. Sometimes
the statement is clumsy, sometimes even cruel. Sometimes we must look and
listen very intently for the love that it contains. But it is often there,
beneath the surface. A mother may nag her son constantly about his grades or
cleaning his room. The son may hear only the nagging, but if he listens
carefully, he will hear the love underneath the nagging.
His mother wants him to do well, to be successful. Her concern and love for
her son unfortunately emerge in her nagging.But it is love all the same.
A daughter comes home late, way past her curfew, and her father confronts
her with angry words. The daughter may hear only the anger, but if she
listens carefully, she will hear the love under the anger.
"I was worried about you," the father is saying, "Because I care about you
and I love you. You are important to me."
We say I love you in many ways- with birthday gifts, and little notes, with
smiles and sometimes with tears. Sometimes we show our love by just keeping
quiet and not saying a word, at other times by speaking out, even
brusquely. We show our love sometimes by impulsiveness.
Many times we have to show our love by forgiving someone who has not
listened to the love we have tried to express. The problem in listening for
love is that we don't always understand the language of love, which the
other person is using.
A girl may use tears or emotions to say what she wants to say, and her
boyfriend may not understand her because he expects her to be talking his
language. Thus, we have to force ourselves to really listen for love. The
problem with our world is that people rarely listen to each other.
They hear the words, but they don't listen to the actions that accompany the
words or the statement on the face. Or people listen only for rejection or
misunderstanding. They do not see the love that is there just beneath the
surface, even if the words are angry.
Simon and Garfunkel wrote that very haunting song, The sound of silence. It
goes ten thousand people, maybe more. People talking without speaking;
people hearing without listening; people writing songs that voices never
shared, because no one dared disturb the sound of silence.
It is a terrifying picture of our modern world, a world without
communication and without love. We have to listen for love in those around
us. If we listen intently we will discover that we are a lot more loved than
we realize.
Listen for love and we will find that the world is a very loving place,
after all.
LOve is the ability to wait
LOve is always doing good to others
LOve rejoices in others' success
LOve never boasts about what it does
LOve does not look down on others
LOve is courteous and polite
LOve focuses on helping others succeed
LOve does not get angry easily
LOve looks at the good side of people
LOve is broken-hearted when someone sins
LOve is glad when there is uprightness and justice
LOve is willing to carry others' burdens
LOve keeps believing even when one keeps failing
LOve does not give up when all have given up
LOve is willing to go through excruciating pain.
There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.
Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.
-Mother Teresa

People Discussion
(Tuesday, July 02, 2002)

etto gyan er kotha koith theke marli??

hmm but liked it

(Tuesday, July 02, 2002)

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread? 24000 people die of hunger EVERYDAY all around the world! Someone has said it a long time ago –“Khudar rajje prithibi goddomoi…!”

(Tuesday, July 02, 2002)

haha.....purnimar chad jholsano ruti hole o hote pare but love can change man it also important

anyway tnx sb ...

(Tuesday, July 02, 2002)

ki bepare doctor mone houche keo tomake love er capsule diye che ...

(Wednesday, July 03, 2002)

capsule ko LOVERIA ho gaya!!

(Wednesday, July 03, 2002)

ki dilo jani na janle bole felo ..amar upokar hoi ..nishiii megna...

(Wednesday, July 03, 2002)

Hey Capz..howz your Buddha dev???

(Thursday, July 04, 2002)

bhaloi ase re gemz letter likhsi post kori nai...doa koris jeno ans pai ..

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