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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, June 29, 2002
From: Nobody
Wilful misunderstanding or Showing ur GOBETNESS:KONKA

I dont have any further intention to write any further message about
ur prolonged,boring,lullaby,and of course distorting infroamtion
based message.PAGOLER SHATE PAGLAMI KORA--is not a prudent decision
at all--KI BOLEN?

Reading ur last foggy message in BB--frnakly speaking,i cant make out
wat u mumbling.Ur mumbo-jumbo makes no sense to me at all.Hei-wat u r
trying to say(i just wonder)--u want to take a hand on me,or u want to
term BD the wrost place for women to live in,or u want to project urself
the wisest rational admin(though u hav already emerged urself as an
incroguous,chuckleheaded rationalist)--oh GOD i m at my complete loss.

Bravo,bravo--i m simply spellbounded realizing that u know lots of
proverb.At the same time i m astound,too,watching u using those proverb
OLTA-PALTA.Anyway,THIK HOE JABE,keep practicing.

Now,leave those silly things.Wat i want to project is different
otherthan proving u moron.I think u never read my last posting attentively,
or may be u did it,but feigning as if u didnt get it.I never ever said that,
any incident of abusing,assulting of girls of harrasment hasnt take place,has i?
Wat i said,why i reacted--just because to oppose ur exaggertaive cooments,
thats it.True to say,I dont hav any personal altercation with u,do i?
really sound absurd?

U figure out some praiseworthy information about the distress of women
in BD.Well,like my last posting,i repeatedly want say the repeated thing--
situation doesnt let me deny u in all cases.Yah 47% assault is alarming.
Here u made a tricky,wilfull axe of data and made a deform representation
of data.According to ur site,40%in India,29%in Canada and 22%in USA
--women are being abused.Now wat do u think,isnt it seemed more alarming
in Canada n USA(where literacy rate is 100%)than in BD(where it is only
around 40%)Yah its true- abuse,assault,rape,harrasement is quite obvious
in our country, but that doesnt mean all girls have to face constant,
relentless KOTU KOTHA,sex harrasment in every sphere of their life.

I hav noticed several times in ur writing--u use"KUTSIT MANOSIKOTA",
"KUTSIT ICHCHA","KUTSIT..watsoever.U aslo sniflling"KonkaBoit ke kharap
meye protiponno korar jonno haat aapni bohudur bariyechen".HAHAHAHHOHO..
urself the mud on u.Because i think wat u hav uttered before is simply
enough to consider urself"HEO KHARAP MEYE".The truth(!!)that i never
uttered in my writhing,then how can u grab that--APNI TO JHAKKAS implicit

I last thing--in ur GORU-GOMVIR(hahahhah)writhing u argued me to watch
a hindi-movie!!!!ridiculous!!!!May be u find the similarity between those
airheaded movie n reality.But KONKABOTI,life is not a movie,reality is
a bit different.I hav a suggession to u.The girls come to UR(!!)chatroom
from BD,just ask them about the real condition.I think that will prove
enough.THANZ A LOT..

People Discussion
p deshi
(Saturday, June 29, 2002)

Listen, Konka is someone very special. Lots of people here have a lot of respect admiration for her. And think for a second how many people wants to beat you up if they can get there hands on you, need I say more?Just get lost and let it be.

(Saturday, June 29, 2002)

Nobody, I am not surprised to know that you didnot get my points. I kinda sensed that. Nevermind. Not every one is intelligent and smart enough to get what I said on that posting. Thanks for admitting though.

(Saturday, June 29, 2002)

still??? still nobody"??? when will u hav the courage to remove ur mask and let us see WHOS this NOBODY GOBET really is?

(Saturday, June 29, 2002)

KonkaBoti, aapni ki untouchable? dhora chowar bairey? jodi ta na hon tobey aapnar du ekjon admirer key bolun onner proti khobh prokasher bhashata ektu bodley pheltey. torko torker motoi hok, othoba ekebarei bondho hoye jaak. 'dhoira aano, bhoira dei' type kotha diye nijeder nobody korey phelar kono ortho aachhey? naa, kora uchit?
aar jodi untouchable hon tobey amader shobar jana thakuk, aapni untouchable e thakun.

(Saturday, June 29, 2002)

bhai Nobody, aapnar shuruta bhalo hoyni.
aapni jotheshto indecent way tey introduced hoyechhen ei BB tey. jaani etey aapnar kichhu jaay aashey na. kintu aamader kichhu aashey ebong jaay.
aamader money ghreena aashey, mukhey thu thu aashey, chokhey aagun aashey, haat mushtiboddho hoy. choley jaay prem, shohanubhuti, dhoirjo, bibek, shomman prodorshon.

(Saturday, June 29, 2002)

ekhaney aamra keu shobjanta na, keu mohapurush na, keu osheem khomota niye boshey nei. sheemaboddhota aachhey oboshshoi. aami baktigoto bhabey money kori chat room e kaukey aashtey ditey na chailey takey Ban othoba Kick kora bhalo with prior warning. jeta aapnar khettrey thik bhabey kora hoyechhey. kotha boley shomoshsha bariye laabh nei. eta o aapnar shathei kora hoyechhey. aasholey, KonkaBoti ektu people's person type (nishchoi feel korchhen eta e koydiney), shobaikei ektu 'beshee' bondhu bhabey. tai aapnar proti unar approach ta o sherokom e hoyechhey.
kintu, aashakori sheekar kortey bhul korben na jey aapni shaleen chhilen na. ei bishoytakey ekhanei meney niye iti taanun, aamra shobai khushee hoi. jilapee khai. Let us be like sportsmen.
jodi ei prostab aapnar bhalo na lagey taholey onekei onek bhabey egiye aashbey. obscene way tey manush key aaghat korar kaayda kaanun kichhu aamra o jaani. taar ki kono dorkar aachhey?

(Saturday, June 29, 2002)

i agree with kuashaa bhai...

(Saturday, June 29, 2002) really are STUPID , think abt urself b4 callin anyone a GOBET

(Saturday, June 29, 2002)

he is Nobody. mane keu na. so amar mone hoi se Gobet o na Gemeni.

(Saturday, June 29, 2002)

Wrath-----------hi..toi ato threat maros ken?Toi "kala-Jahangir",na"Morgi milon",na "Seven Star"......kon grouper,threat mara bondho kor

(Sunday, June 30, 2002)

o shob kichu niche..zia bhai..

(Sunday, June 30, 2002)


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