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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, June 27, 2002
From: Gemini
Treat others they way u wanna be treated

Before we long on to chat in B2K, I think we really need to ask ourselves "How am i gonna treat other chatters today? Am i gonna treat them with decency and in a mannerful way or just go there and use every swear word in the book, and bother the hell outta them and make my self look like a jackass?" and once we do that...we gotta think one more thing "How do i wanna be treated?..with Decency and respect or the opposite?"....And after we do that, we should log on.
I think we all should do that, because day by day t his chat is gettin full by indecent, uncultured and Stupid people, who dnt know how to treat others politely. We gotta stop that. And when they get kicked or warned by the admin, they raise havock!..People before u wanna make any complaints abt anyone...think for a minute, Why did that happen? What did i do?..How did i treat others?
so b4 u say use slang to put anyone down...just u are gonna feel if u were the one hearing that from some one else? Have respect for everyone in this chat. We all are Human being behind these nicks and have feelings just like you do. And it hurts to hear slangs from people who dnt even know us, who just uses those slangs because they think we cant get them because they are on the other side of the pc, so they can do whatever. People, we need to broaden our mind, and pay respect to others more. Dont come to this chat just to use slangs and put people down, If thats ur only intention then I say, please dont come to this chat at all!...

People Discussion
(Thursday, June 27, 2002)

oops the therez a lil mistake in the title it should be "The way.."

(Thursday, June 27, 2002)

are likhae khali bhul hoy keno???

(Thursday, June 27, 2002)

Very well said Gemini,i strongly support your comments and thats what all the chatters shouls do from now on. I am a regular chatter here,i saw this chat room what was like few months before and what is now. Few months before when i join here, i saw few people using bad words, not to mention that those wrods are not suitable for this room or our everyday life.During that time there was hardly we can see Admins. i used stay for few minutes and then leave. Now i started to come back here and saw b2k appointed few Admins, what i think doing a great job by keeping this room clean. I appriciate them for doing wonderful job they did considerably what was few months ago. I saw there were few guys constantly bugging some selective girls who were regular chatters here, and can't do nothing. Since they appointed more Admins the harrasment to those girls went down, but still there are few more alive and doing the same thing over and over again.

(Thursday, June 27, 2002)

I appriciate Gemini's comments on this very important issue and i believe that it should be resolved and both men and women should be able to come and chat here without facing any problems. As a chatter, i think we should have a strong understanding between the chatters and the Admins. We have to co-operate with them. Also, all the Admins should be fair and has to be easily available and faithful to this chat room and the chatters.
I hope, this issue will be resolved soon and we all can have a nice, clean and friendlier chat room for both men and women, who come here from the various parts of the world to make new friends.

(Thursday, June 27, 2002)

I agree with both of you

(Thursday, June 27, 2002)

--- dats ma sis

(Friday, June 28, 2002)

and you are my bro

(Saturday, June 29, 2002)

Gemini....ALLAH tomar matae ar akto beshi bodhdhi dile ki amon mohabharot osudhdho hoito --ato boka manush kemne hoe

(Saturday, June 29, 2002)

go in front of the mirror...look at ur own face..and ask urself that question Sandy-Sea

(Wednesday, July 03, 2002)

i agree with u 101%apu!!

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