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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, June 27, 2002
From: devilz-advocate
May God help the critics too

As much as I agree with “Nobody's”accusations regarding the incompetency, and unprofessional and inconsistent attitude of the new admins, along with HAHA's and ControlX's vocal support, I do have to say that some of the complaints voiced by "Nobody" sound more like the bickering of someone sour from being smitten. It doesn't seem to be a keen observation of someone who has a great understanding of what's been going on. It sounds more like a personal attack than a healthy criticism.

It’s very easy to come up and grab someone by the throat for his/her shortcomings, but have you ever actually thought how it’s like to be in their (admins’) shoes? Try being an admin for a while, and figure out yourself how hard it is. There are all sorts of chatters in the room: there are old chatters and new ones, the neurotic psychos and the supersensitive airheads, friendly ones and the fiendish foulmouths, those who came right from the land of duhhness, the uptight ones and the openminded jovials, and the whole range of idiosyncratics. Imagine dealing with a congregation of such different species altogether! On top of that, the admins are chatters too. Cut them some slack will ya!

It’s true that the admins need some guidelines as how to make b2k a better channel to interact from the older and more professional admins ( who I must add do an excellent job). In case of violation of b2k rules, each case needs to be handled individually, since all chatters don’t have the same credentials, and not the same nerve. If someone complains about a chatter/chatters, admins SHOULD listen. Profanity or defamation is the not the only form of libel that can cause irritation. There are other means to irritate or offend someone too, believe me! When it comes to “handling” chatters, admins should be given absolute discretion, and they should use their power judiciously and conscientiously. And healthy argument, whether serious or jovial, should not be prohibited. I mean, what’s the point if there’s no room for a little chatroom brawl!

I believe in whatever the admins do, the intention is well. Maybe the execution/implementation is not refined yet. That needs to be taken care of.

Last words for the admins – although some of the accusations made by the above mentioned chatters maybe a little heavy-handed, it shows character if you learn to take criticisms gracefully, and make necessary changes for improvement. Afterall, the critics mean well too.

People Discussion
(Saturday, June 29, 2002)

u r simply a great writer.i really areciate ur writings.

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