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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2002
From: p deshi

Love is an illusion.One can look for it for his whole life and never find it.One can walk the walks of life with his/her heart full of love and can never find anyone to share his/her love.Like I said before only a few lucky people can ever experience the real thing.And we still keep looking for it,what an irony.Its like we knowingly do it and put ourselves threw hell, why do we do it?

People Discussion
(Friday, June 28, 2002)

well i think its one of the greatest experience when you do find it. I agree many ppl dont experience it in their whole lifetime (or maybe get a hold of it jsut temporarily - few minutes, hours or days maybe). But we have so many texts (movies, books, tv shows etc.) and examples (real-life stories and "happy" scenarios, even if superficial) around us it drives most of us to look for the real thing.

Unfortunately the grass is really not all that green on the other side. To some extent "the owner of a lonely heart" is better than the "owner of a broken heart". So the thrill of search and discovery is often more enjoyable than relishing the prize.


p deshi
(Friday, June 28, 2002)

Thanks,well said.But I disagree with your last point though.To make the journey and never falling in love is like not living at all.Even if someone gets their hart broken, still they felt love for a short while and thats much better than to never experience the most wonderful feeling we can feel.There is nothing more exciting, more crazy,foolish,painful or more powerful than love. love is life and life is all about love.Even only few might get to feel the real thing.

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