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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2002
From: Adhar
this is not a war... plzzzz

amar kharap laagtese somebody n nobody er posting dekhe.. mone hochche judhdho lege jaabe... i just wanna say tht b2k is not a war zone... eikhane chatters ra ashe for fun.. and admins ra also chatters n taader kichu daitto ache room e... ashole admin der tader daitto palon korte deoatai thik.. kintu taar maane ei na je warning charai kick kora hobe n kono dosh charai... i got mad so i posted tht msg.. b2k is a greatest place adda deoar jonno... admin ra normal chatter der shathe friendly behave korbe coz they r also chatter, taader kick korar power ache bolei je tara shudhu shudhu kick korbe sheta to thik na.. n jodi karo behave admin der kache shubidhar mone na hoy tahole tara shei chatter ke ontoto 1 bar warning dibe n then ar ekbar shei bhul chatter korle taake kick out kora hobe... pls amar request b2k te ekta shundor rule kora hok... ami jani amar bolae kichui jae ashe na.. kintu eto shundor ekta room e emon gondogol bhalo laage na.. chatters n admin der modhdhe ekta bhalo understanding thaka uchit... chatters ra admin der shathe normal fazlami kortei pare cz duijon e eikhane chat korte ashche.. emon na je admin ra ashbei kick korte... ekta room e admin thake keno? jeno room ta indecency te polluted na hoy... ekjon bhalo chatter kei admin deoa hoy er jonno... taar maane ki? chatters are admin.. onekdin bhalo behave dekhlei ekjon chatter ke admin deoa hoy.. eitai admin concept.. ami bolchina b2k er admins kharap, ami just chai chatters n admin der modhdhe kono misunderstanding jaate na hoy, er jonno chatter n admin duijonkei thik thakte hobe, duijon kei duijoner bhalo laga na lagar kotha clearly bolte hobe... nobody bhai je bhabe likhlo amar khub kharap lagse... shobari bhul thakte pare.. n manusher past dekhar chaite present e she kemon sheitai dekha bhalo.. ami chaina b2k er moto eto shundor ekta net addar place e amar jonno emon gondogol laguk.. so pls nobodys and somebodys pls dont argue dorkar ami aar ashbo na b2k te... jodi ashio ami karo shathe kotha bolbo na n nobody will recognise me... bye.. take carez all

People Discussion
(Wednesday, June 26, 2002)

Rashed , tui eto kotha kobe shikhli re? Naki prem e poira ei shob bair hoise.....

(Wednesday, June 26, 2002)

In fact admin respected your many faults ,but you crossed the limit .Now you need to look at yourself in the mirror.And what you will see , you know you will meet a so called good chatter named adhar .So be good and correct yourself. what you have done, you know , I have seen in my own eyes.plz don't create any abonormal situation on the issue. plz drop it and take care.

(Wednesday, June 26, 2002)


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