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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, June 26, 2002
From: Nobody
may GOD help those so-called poor admins

I feel no hesitation to say that b2k chatroom is really a fabolous one .But in some recent times some stupid,incroguous,unscrupulous,inexperienced admin`s behaviour really annoyed me n i think it will ruin the image of B2k chat room.Anyway,its totally their own business,n its not fair to say anything against the admins,even its been promoulgated to the room.But as a welwisher i cant control myself to say something.
The admins ar given the power,but it doesnt mean that they will do watever they like,or their on willing.I hav lots of evidence about their whimsical behaviour.Now let me thell in particular--
The recent some admins ar so moron in making decisions..that i got the feeling that how these stupid r given the adminship,is there any backdoor reasons behind it(i just wonder,,but i hope there wouldnt be any)).

Wrath:amongst the recent admins--he is a bit eligible.But in some cases he is too strict that it bothers me(not only me but also several chatters).He shouldnt forget his past attitude in room.But he possess some dam-careness attitude in room,which he shouldnt.Anyway he needs some more experience n maturity.

Sb:oh God how this kind of people were made admin?Sometimes he looks so strict to kick ppl out,but other times,in the same reason he doesnt even warn ppl,ridiculous!!!Some times he looks having great potetial but some cases he is so impotent.I wonder wheather he feels ashamed.

Rebecca:Apparently she seems to be a great chatter.But i wonder is she really so?All time she is making so silly comments that she looks as if she is isolated from the room.Its the greatest blunder to appoint her as the admin.She kicks ppl for nothing.The other day she kicked 1 for whispering..(though there is a option to ignore ),or i hav seen her to kick out 1 for using 1 silly slang.But as far as i know admins hav the responsibility to warn ppl first n then kick out.But being so inexperienced n silly --she just kick ppl out as if she is the sole owner of the room.And if the b2k authorities want to look those i m ready to submit that documents.

Souls:Oh so poor in chatting.Staying in the room for hour after hour doesnt indicate that he is a nice chatter.He is so shaky in talking and uses stupid words.He,too is a shaky admin with no potential.

Omyio:Amonsgst the admins he is the best in keeping his duty properly and ligally.

Anyway,its beyond saying about the importance of admins in the room,but their overacting n inexperience r so much harmful for the room,that if the authorities make a dillydally to medicate them just now,i think it will defenitely a great mistake for b2k chatroom.What r they(the authority) trying to do?R they trying to domineer the room bye intimidating the chatters.Will they restrict the chatters for not telling any jokes,any slang,any fun?I dont know.Wenever i stepped in the room and find those red colored warnings,then how can i behave normally,most of the time i hav to be ready for ousting eventualities.Anyway,i hope B2k Authorities will pay an attention to me,a very very normal chatter.May GOD help those poor ADMINS,pleaze GOD.

People Discussion
(Wednesday, June 26, 2002)

Ami kichu bolte chai na...but i cant help but say that...WHO ARE U TO JUDGE THE ADMINS?

(Wednesday, June 26, 2002)

may God help u nobody. u seem to have no potential whatsoever to come in b2k and chat

(Wednesday, June 26, 2002)

Tumi ke go?vai re eto raag keno? Ei olpo shomoy er jonno ekhane eshe jodi khali jhogra hoy, tahole to ar moja thake na,cholo na shob vooley abar b2k te thik moto adda mari.

(Wednesday, June 26, 2002)

what excrutiating agony! why not? i feel almost the same. you may agree with me or not but i think adminship should not be given to someone if he/she just hangs around for a while. adminship requir character, and they haven't any.

(Wednesday, June 26, 2002)

Gemini in case you are not aware, B2K is not supposed to be a place for some people who are close to the admins by blood or any other association! Have you ever heard of the word "professionalism?" As a company offering its service to this website users, B2K lacks professionalism in this regard. It's sad that we have entered into the 21st century and we are using all this technology but our mind is still walking backward!

(Wednesday, June 26, 2002)

Last paragraph, Line No#7
The fact that you want to use slangs in the room proves why some people like you are kicked out. Its chatters like you who force ordinary ones to leave a room. Not the admins. And a person like you who is advocating for the right to use slangs is never welcome in B2k. Not by me, a very normal chatter and if i am not wrong not by the admins also

(Wednesday, June 26, 2002)

Sb.. i dont wanna argue.. but ami ektai ans chai... amake je kicked out kora hoiechilo tokhon ki ami kono indecent word use korechi? i think anti is not an indecent word... why i got kicked out.. u were there and u saw tht.. but i know u dont have any power to say anything.. eikhane nobody bhai er kothata amio mante parchi na je moderated room e keo slight slang use korbe, oboshshoi na..

(Wednesday, June 26, 2002)


(Thursday, June 27, 2002)

As much as I agree with “Nobody's”accusations regarding the incompetency, and unprofessional and inconsistent attitude of the new admins, along with HAHA's and ControlX's vocal support, I do have to say that some of the complaints voiced by

(Friday, June 28, 2002) thing..whoz omiyo? i havent seen him at all..and i come here everday!!!...i've seen everyone else here..but not him! can be the best admin if hez never around??

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