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Thursday, July 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, June 21, 2002
From: **~KonkaBoti~**
Cross cultural marriges:Polash

Polash, my suggestion of experiemnting with marrige was not just for you but for all those young souls who are counfused about there future! Just kidding! :)

However,we are living in 21st century, not in the mideavel ages! We tend to call ourselves "global citizen". Hance, don't you think Marrige is not supposed to be a tie betwen 2 tribes/clans anymore? It's rather a bond betwen 2 hearts?? For me, I see no problem with Bangladeshi guys getting married to western girls. In fact I think, a western gilr is more suitable for a man, who is born and brought up in a western country. It is difficult for a person born and brought up in what they call in a "free country/ open culture" to get adjusted with a spouse from a "close culture"! if you are one of us who are not born and brought up out side Bangladesh, then you know how diffrent the culture is, even the weather!!For me it was a big shock at the begining! As you said you are happily married, I belive that you know haveing same frame of mind, cultural norms and values are the most important thing in a marriege. The nationality counts latter.

And about that "kept" and multiple marriges. Human being are not monogomus by nature. It's not only Bangladeshi MAN who are poligomus (I am trying not to be judgemental here!). Poligomous sexuality is a human character. We call our selves civilised and try to hide this. However, extra marital relationship is one of the Global Phenomena, which exists from White house to Tanbazar. Some people are "dui kaan kata"like Ershad, and call press conference to attarct public attention. Some keep silent. But it does exsit all around the world.

My best wishes to you for a very happy married life!!


People Discussion
(Friday, June 21, 2002)

bhalo i bolechen mone ..tnx

(Friday, June 21, 2002)

I wish him a 'chikon chakon', 'shokto goron', 'rokto gorom', 'pagol kora', 'shundoree ek' shopno bodhu, deshee.

(Friday, June 21, 2002)

The main reason I brought this up is to make the young people aware of the problems of a mix marriage.I saw many couples and only way to make a girl from another country happy is to give up Bangladeshi culture step by step. As we all know to be happy in life all men have to pretty much give in to their wives wishes. Its true for all women.What makes a happy marriage is debatable, from outside what looks like a happy marriage might be a disaster in reality.

(Friday, June 21, 2002)

"cultural norms and values are the most important thing in a marriege. The nationality counts latter".Rest assured , I am not trying to impose myself on you, but its true cultural values not only depend on nationality.

(Saturday, June 22, 2002)

I strongly agree with you Rana. Thanks very much. Cultural norms and values depends on so many things (country, region, race, family background and so on). Basically Nationality is just a small factor in Marrige.

(Saturday, June 22, 2002)

thanks konka

(Saturday, June 22, 2002)

konka ... tomar kotha ta shotti ... bohugaamita aachhe ... tobe bolar dhoron ta niye ektu apotti achhe.

aami mone kori eta cause na ... eta effect. ebong ofcourse shetar jonno amra nijerai responsible. shudhu shudhu nature ke dosh diye nijeke save korata ki orthoheen naa?

dekho amra sharajeebon ekta manusher moddhe kichhu ekta khuji. je jaane she ki khoje ... ar kaar majhe sheta aachhe ... she kokhonoy bohugaamee hoyna. jodina shei manushta nije theke taake feraay.

bohugameeta aar kichhui naa ... duijon manusher moddhe selfconsciousness er obhaab othoba taader chaaoa ebong nijerder bedhe deoa adorsher gondi ke niye selfdeception.

ami jani tumi ekhon er moddhe onekgula bhool ber korbe. ekhon bole felo shegula ki.

(Monday, June 24, 2002)

aami bujhi sharakkhon tomaar "vul" dhori, heemel??

jaaow kichu bolbo na, oneek gulo jodi aar kintu use korehco tumi jodio!!

(Tuesday, June 25, 2002)

hahaha ... naah ... kokhonoy tumi sheta korona.

kintu amito ektar beshi 'jodi' baa 'othoba' khuje pelam na!

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