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Thursday, July 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, June 20, 2002
Pray for me !!!!!!!!!

Dear Friends….

As all of you know, mostly my closest ones that I am undergoing a surgery tomorrow Friday June21st at 6p.m….there is a risk involved in it. The surgery will be like 2 hours.Anyone wish can pray for me and wish me good luck. If everything goes well then Inshallah I will be back within 3 /4 days. If I don’t come back within that time, then think my surgery didn’t go well and I will not come back to b2k anymore……I will miss all of my Apu’s, Bhaia’s, Sis, Friend’s and Dostoooo…..if I don’t come back then remember, “ This SOULS will be always remembered to all of you as FOREVER-SOULS.”

I would like to specially thank REBECCA for encouraging and insisting me to do this surgery and providing me all the support to keep my Dream Alive. Thanks Rebuuuu for being there for me. Also my good wishes goes to someone who will always remain in my heart FOREVER….Thank you all…. Allah Hafez.

LOTS OF LAU TO EVERYBODY. …..hehehehehehehe

People Discussion
(Thursday, June 20, 2002)

good luck

(Thursday, June 20, 2002)

i hope u will get well soon and will get ur dream life............

(Thursday, June 20, 2002)

All my prayers are with you, everything will go all right. Best of luck.

(Thursday, June 20, 2002)

Tuhin...wish u the very best in every way possible..inshallah every thing will work out at the end..

(Thursday, June 20, 2002)

Tuhin...everything will be alright...I just hope so..therez nothin i can do except that...Ar ki bolbo?...Tobe eto boro jhuki ta na nileo parte tumi...Keno nite gele?..Kar jonno?..Well...jani tumi ja bhalo bujhbe korbe...I just pray u'll be alright...Bhalo theko, Gemini (Priya)

(Thursday, June 20, 2002)

(Thursday, June 20, 2002)


(Thursday, June 20, 2002)

Fi-amanillah bro ... things gonna be inshaAllah alright.

My best wishes ... as always.

(Friday, June 21, 2002)

all the best

(Friday, June 21, 2002)

taratari valo hoye fire esho Souls bhaia!! Allah tomar sohay houn!

(Friday, June 21, 2002)

bhaia..everything..gonna be al Right ..Insallah

(Friday, June 21, 2002)

good Luck Lau bhai. prarthona kori tumi joldi fire ashbe.

(Friday, June 21, 2002)

dear lau dada amar jibon er sob cheye bhalo capsule ta tomake dilam bhalo hoye aso bhiya
we all miss our tuhin bhiya
plz plz be good for us
u r our soul bhiya
best of luck
tumi bhalo hobai amra achi na ?? plz don't worry we will pray....

(Friday, June 21, 2002)

hmmm......ALLAH vorosa......dont worry dosto
and ami ro pray kori tui jeno fast marry kore felish.ALLAH toke druttto bie korber hedaet dik:)

(Friday, June 21, 2002)

wrath.. ei bepare amare kinchit apotti thaktey pare

(Friday, June 21, 2002)

wish u will get better soon. Allah bless u.
hoping to see ur LAU face again.

(Friday, June 21, 2002)

bhaia tumar kisu hobe naa dekho. tumi shotti shotti vhalo hoye firee ashbe amader majhe.

Allah bless you dear bhaiaa

(Friday, June 21, 2002)

my lil brother, don't worryhave faith in God,misfortune will pass.inshalla bhalo hoeye jabe, Allah tumar shohai houn.

(Saturday, June 22, 2002)

tuhin .dekhbe tumi thiki 3/4 din pore abar ager moto adda dichho..Inshallah.

(Saturday, June 22, 2002)

hey tuhin bhai
tumi kono chinta koro na Allah tomar
shate chen
Dua rohilo

(Sunday, June 23, 2002)

souls.....all the best...asha korchi kub taratari tumi fira asho b2k te

(Sunday, June 23, 2002)

Hope u get well soon bro....lov ya.

(Sunday, June 23, 2002)

soullsssss ... come back soon ... we all miss u ...come back ..come back

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