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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, June 13, 2002
From: anjoli_dutt
"Old age Security"

There are about 33 million widows in India, comprising nearly 8 per cent of the total female population of the country. Among women aged 60 and over, the proportion of widows is about 60 per cent. The widows are most discriminated lot and the prevailing cultural practices consider them inauspicious and call them with degrading names such as Vidhwa, Bewa etc. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) while considering their plight and degrading status directed the Government and the civil society to desist from using the degrading names.

In India, one may find thousands of widows sheltered in various temples, homes for the aged and many more found homeless. Though some of them belong to affluent and middleclass family backgrounds they are denied their rights to inheritance, and are subjected to eviction, violence, property-grabbing etc. They struggle to survive without legal protection and of all women, they are the least empowered to use the existing legal and institutional framework (The recently enacted Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Act, 2001 gives wide powers to the Magistrates to award maintenance to, among others, widows and elderly).

It is high time that not only the government but every individual should contribute in realising the Constitutional mandate. To this end the Government, non-governmental organisations, media and other research and educational institutions can play a greater role in spreading awareness about the need protect and care elderly and to ensure their safety and well being. If implemented in good spirit, the Constitutional objectives would go a long way in realising the United Nations goal of creating ‘a society for all by the year 2010’.

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(Thursday, June 13, 2002)

I am new to this discussion board. shoudl I ask permission to take part in it?

(Thursday, June 13, 2002)

No, you don't need anyones permission to publish your opinion,Welcome to this site.

(Thursday, June 13, 2002)

very welcome Dutt.

(Friday, June 14, 2002)

wel come dutt
wel come in this buletine board and also wel come in the b2k chat room
we r happy to get a new friend ...
cya ...bye take care /.....

(Friday, June 14, 2002)

Welcome to BB anjoli! U don't need anyone's permission to take part in BB discussion.

I appreciate your posting. A clear picture of elderly women of India is depicted here. However I don't think the picture is different in Bangladesh. It's true for all over the world that Old women are more vulnerable then men. Our parents spend all their earnings to give us good education and a good life. They try hard to make us achievers. and when we grow up, we never have enough money to give our parents a happy old age! We can effort luxarious holidys but can'teffort to buy a wheelchair for old parent.

(Friday, June 14, 2002)

and Polash, u talked about states role. well, it's true state should play a vital role here. However, no matter what role the state plays, childrens duty towards parents remains unchaged. and in a country like Bangladesh, childrens responsibility is much more important to make older citizens life secured and comfortable.

(Saturday, June 15, 2002)

Konka I agree with you absolutely.Instead of depending on the government people should start doing something for the elderly, you know people in our country don't donate much but in the western world people do. Its time to make people aware of these things and encourage people to give as much as they can for better causes. And if that happens then lot of our problem can be solved without our corrupted idiotic government officials.

(Saturday, June 15, 2002)

konka boti palsh tna u all

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