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Friday, July 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2002
From: **~KonkaBoti~**
let's have a discussion!!

Who should take care of the Senior Citizens (Old parents)? Is it the state? Is it the children?

Or people who have limited income should save mony for their old age instead of spending that for their children ?

People Discussion
(Wednesday, June 12, 2002)

You should not exploit people to get answers to your assignments!

(Thursday, June 13, 2002)

It depends, if they are living in Bangladesh then Kids should help their parents in their old age, our government can't provide clean water for most of its people so they can't take care of anyone at any age.If you're living in U.S.A or in any EU countries then these countries has some program to help people once they are retired. But its a good idea to save some money when you are working. Taking care of children is every parents primary responsibility. No one is forcing anybody to have kids and if you bring them to this world then its your responsibility to take care of them , even if you can't save for your retirement.

(Saturday, June 15, 2002)

Polash I totally agree with your response. But, sometime people in BD think its not their responsibily to take care of the parents, especilly when they compare themselves to more advance country, that have retirement plan. But, a country like BD dosen't have any of these things. Also I think we should try not to forget our culture. Taking care of the parents is part of our culture. So I think in BD parents should take care of the parents

(Saturday, June 15, 2002)

I think children should take care their parents

(Saturday, June 15, 2002)

nice discussion, Asha! I agree with you. Although government should take an active part in taking care of the elderly but Children also should take care of their own parents. And when I say this, it meant Children, secially Boys should be much more perticular to take care of the parents as Old parents are much likely to be tortured by the daughter-in-laws, while "maa'r adorer chele" boba and ondho hoye thake.

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