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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Thursday, May 30, 2002
From: jannat
Israelis Caught Near U.S. Naval Base in Truck with TNT Traces

From: (CAIR S. CA)
Organization: CAIR S. CA
To: "CAIR S. CA"
Subject: CAIR: Israelis Caught Near U.S. Naval Base in Truck with TNT Traces

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


BREAKING NEWS: CAIR has learned the names of the two Israeli nationals
involved in the incident described below. They are Elan Ifrah and Ben Yar Moti.


By Carl Cameron, FOX NEWS CHANNEL, 5/13/2002,2933,52681,00.html

A Budget truck was pulled over in Oak Harbor, Wash., last Tuesday near the
Whidbey Island Naval Air Station and found to have traces of TNT on the
gearshift and traces of RDX plastic explosive on the steering wheel, Fox
News has learned.

Traces of explosives were also found on one of the truck's two occupants.
The FBI, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco and Firearms, and local police are all investigating.

Government officials said the roadside stop was so close to the naval air
station that military personnel took part in the initial arrest and naval
intelligence has also been involved in the subsequent investigation.

Shortly after midnight on May 7, federal officials say local police pulled
the vehicle over for speeding. Documents read to Fox News indicate that the
driver and passenger told local police they were delivering furniture from
California but that authorities doubted the story because of the early
morning hour.

A bomb-sniffing dog first detected explosives on one of the men and inside
the truck. High-tech equipment was used later to confirm the presence of
TNT and RDX plastic explosive.

Documents read to Fox News indi cate that both driver and passenger were
Israeli nationals. Investigators say a roadside check of the national
database of immigration records indicated that one of the men had not
entered the country legally, and the other was in violation of his visa.
Both men were taken into custody for immigration violations.

At 7:30 that morning local police were notified that the BATF and FBI had
tested the truck and found traces of explosives on the steering wheel and
gear shift.

Officials say no other charges of been filed against the driver and
passenger and an investigation is ongoing.

Authorities say records for the Budget truck do not indicate any recent
rental for the purposes of transporting explosives, which would require
special permits.

NOTE: Carl Cameron is the reporter who first broke the "Israeli art
student" spy scandal.

SEE: and

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