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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2002
From: M_megna
wht;s their fault

Hi every one
Here I just want to share and want every one to focus abt a matter . abt the Bangladeshis citizen who r leaving at Pakistan .
As far as I know there r more then six lacks Bangladesh’s leaves over there (including whom don’t have prove to be Bangladeshi .but they r )………… so coming to the point . after the terrorist attract over USA at 11 September . till now Pakistan is facing so many problem’s and maybe going to face more problem (. who knows ). After tht attacks as far u all ppl know the situation of Pakistan was so critical tht most of the outsider countries ordered there in there embassy and consulates to evacuate their families .at tht time many ppl was hoping tht anytime civil war can happen over here anytime and so many terrorist group has threaten Pakistan openly . so ppl used to think 10 times before they go outside . but unfortunately and maybe our bad luck is Bangladesh maybe was the only country whom don’t have any headache of their own ppl .tht;s y our government dint call his own ppl back .. anyway tht time MR musharaf has controlled his country so unbelievably tht his own ppl was not accepting tht to …so the days has passed and r passing too ……
BUT the hell has started now again . before few days when 11 French ppl were killed or died at tht . at tht time MR musharaf has been declared tht if any foreigners want to stay over here they r going to be responsible for their own self . beside tht India can attack anytime … so now every one is feeling scared to go out side . even u can say to job too . and abt the student they were irregular for their class after 11 September but now they r looking the way how to stop their studies and get out from this hell .
It; feeling me so bad to think tht most of the foreigners families were evacuated but maybe we r the only citizen whom r over here . maybe our government think tht they were loading to much in our country so it’s the best to keep them over here ( or wht else I can think ). I cant write any more brief ……………
So it is my little response form me tht maybe anyone from Bangladesh can do any think that can at least not to call those ppl back at least to our government to request Pakistani government to give them some security . THT THEY MIGTH GET OUT FROM THT HELL LIFE

People Discussion
(Wednesday, May 29, 2002)

1st of all only the white non muslim people were the targets of the fundamentalists/ extremists or whoever they are... and as far as i know no Muslim country has asked its citizens to leave Pakistan ....atleast officially

and 2nd of all India and Pakistan will not Go for an allout full fledged war..its a major trick to divert people from the internal problems of thier respective countries..

then again its my presonal opinion

(Thursday, May 30, 2002)

yeah i do know tht and beside tht u r rigth but the sitiuation over here is so critical and bomb blasting ands so many crime is going over here which the ppl who is studing over there know only and tht can not be mention

(Thursday, May 30, 2002)

dear megna u told a good topic..
i really thout about the matter coz ...some time it hurt me that banglashis living pak ..i can't support is ..i don't know why i feel it ..btw i am kinda fearful about the matter ..i pesonally seggest u if any change plz come back ..

amar bacha mora sob amar banglatei houk ..

good wishes for u

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