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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, May 27, 2002
From: Unknown
````once again for all(very last time)`````

“once noshto chela nnn pocha meye loved each other…talked bout love. they were lost in dreams while they had each other in embranceee!!!!! once they wereee lovers n crazyyyy nnn now noshto chela far removed from reality……..but that was when pocha meye n noshto chela were mad

what noshto chela nnn pocha meye said/heard/spoke of fidelity……what they laughed boutttt what they wept over butttt that was before parted!!!!!!!! everythin’ looked rosy every story seemed possible but that was when pocha meye nn noshto chela were mad

noshto chela nnn pocha meye stayed walkin’………nnnn they were passionate while the world slept----------it was when they wereeee mad in love!!!!!!!!!!”

tumi janta chayachila “what is love, shybal?” shamima nnn believe this’s what called love!!!!! jodi ekhon abarrr jiggasha korooo “vhalobasha” kiiiii. ami bolbo, --------------------------(ja iccha vebha naoooo)!!!!!!……………

tears in my eyes nnnn ya want me to smile……….life’s so wretched nn ya want me to take heart!!!!!!!…………yaaaa ‘ve broken my heart, pocha meye(do yaaaaaaa?????)

shut up shut up shut up!!!!!!! the simplicity is what made me crazy…….’m madly in love with yaaaa. don’t see ne face but yaaa/don’t hear neone but ya/got to sleep dreamin’ of yaaa………wake up nnnnnn wantin’ to go back to my dreams of yaaa. went outtt to give ya urrrr dreams nnnnnnn ya became my dream, picchi bauigh

~~~~shuttin’ the door(orrrr callin’ noshto chela a street dog with --------------) won’t make ne differences to me……….urrrrrrrr heart that where I live!!!!!!! can yaaa throw me out of urr heart, pocha meye??????????~~~~

now I feel-----------yaaaa were my fairy but never in my dreams. did I imagine I would be worthy of lovin’ a fairy?????? I never even looked beyond my ------------------. apart from allll of them, the fairy who touched me nnnnn miracle happened. picchi bauigh came into my life like a “golden dawn” nnnnn she changed the course of my life………..

“love’s not made to happen……….vhalobasha just happen. even though, there’s no compromise neither is compulsion in love!!!!!!! fairy, those who lives in hearts live forever………….pocha meye lives in noshto chelas heart…………”

~~~~~~~‘m goin’ to paste my previous message what I wrote to “caltex”!!!!!!!!!! incidently, itsss gonna repeat for those who they wereee pretty cool to me called (caltex, sleepingbeauty, shopnoloker manush n so on so on)~~~~~~~~

(Date: Friday, May 03, 2002
From: Unknown
Subject: ```!!!```A great guy called "caltex"```!!!```

with an aim to maximize the benifit n minimize the harm. through my words posted herein...............

the western world(rulers) has successfully induced a mass min-conception of freedom. of course, I must admit that the strongest protest against the hype also comes from nice thinkers(such as sleepingbeauty, caltex n bla bla but me). symbolically, I would only say, "ur freedom to blow ur fist in the air ends where my nose begins"

I threw it over n over(ur discuss where ya pointed to shybal to ask bout “love”) last several times but couldn't understand………why meeee!!!!!!. u were/are one of them(caltex nnn sleepingbeauty….hope its same character with differences identity) who messed n did some craps(I know u 'll offened as a low minded basterd......incidently urr slut whore breed mom left ya guys alone while she went to sit on a huge smelly cock suckin' jack asss nnn yaaa guys couldn't grow the oath)

on the other hand, there were so many things to talk bouttt nnn wanted to know after affair(based on Wrath’a postin’). Why did ya pick on meeee?………..n what made ya to think that I ‘ve that experienced. seems like “udur pindi budor ghar-a dewar aiyajon, caltex”. let me clear onethin’ , “noshto chela’s love for pocha meye would never change nn remain same…..nnn would be same from pocha meye, indeed(like,Here we are!!!!!!we're on this ride to nowhere on this road to somewhere we have never been before nn we'll be all right as long as we're together, picchi bauigh)!!!!!!………….ya know what I know ya called me an “enemy” without any particular reason unless ya ‘ve had somethin’ in ur shitty mind nnnn got a kick on urr candy ass from ----- ---- nn that’s why obsessed urr mind to split pocha meye n noshto chela!!!!!!!!!

now a days in the market, there rrrr more guys want to be like this/ the competition market to be established n "caltex" changed his mind n decide to be a man like others who rrrr livin' in 21st century. its pretty impressive but unfortunatelly, I hadn't seen that yet,,,,,,I know, there rrrrrrrr cynics n perverts(like ya caltex nn sleepingbeauty).......the major prob's yaa both rrrrr freakin' confused(what to write)

I thought the issue is very crucial one which all sensitive minds(without me) might 've to face.... this or that way. do ppl feel uncomfort to discuss such issues 'caz of the "fear" of self expousure?. don’t think so unless a coward like yaa who tried to pull someones feet nn get the pleasure. I think yaaa need to go to doctor....rrrrrr foolish. thats a sign of "hepatitis" A positive. but I think ya rrr sufferin’ from positive A, B n C. 'caz u r outta urr mind makin’ some nasty comments on behalf of urr personal weakness(pain/insatiability nn bla bla)

many moral philosophers take respects(so called) for persons to be the fundamental moral principle....what it had seen inside of ya(gaya mana na apni morol). its a special kind of respect I 'm inferrin'.......often called "Kantian respect"(after the German philosopher Immanuel Kant). Kantain respect is captured by this moral principle. its my observation(as well) that a few particular persons(like caltex nn sleepingbeauty) in this site rrrr always makin'(various names) forceful vulgar remarks, infestin' towards others......

go home n check ur shampoo(meant bout ur impotency)....change it before its too late. review the list of all contents in......then see if amon' the ingredients suit ya nnnnnn don't act like coward, hypocrite, sick headed as well. yaaa think peep inside the BB pond to watch n take a bath. if yaaa think so....u were wron', caltex(as well sleepingbeauty). I would ask yaa 2 sleepingbeauty/caltex sit back ur ass n grab some cold drinks('caz u ain't old enough to touch beer/liquor) nnnnn try to realize what I wanted to mean through this postin'(tried to shut my mouth nn showin’ my patience…..but no moree)

'm thinkin' abt endin' what it gonna be………..ohhhhhh!!!!! yeah..I got it n gonna repeat these lines for ya both(sleepingbeauty nnn caltex):------- "don't put ur hands inside the fire, its gonna burn. so, an easy solution.....don't put hands inside the fire"

(these words rrr all meant for those who value their words n who they refuse to vomit words with a callous disregard nnnnn 'll be damned if I 'm stickin' around!!!!!!!!!!! the word I need to add with my statement.......'m just tryin' to ignore them intentionally(with the request of pocha meye)

"reality bites, pain oooooozes………………… is not beautiful")

In addition, don’t get upset gentlemen…………ya would be glad to know that I call myself a basterd(as well jesus)!!!!!!!!’caz I go very close tooo everyone nnnn far away from otherssss(like ya guys so called God who never exist)

what I take a fancy to is always mineeeee. if itsssss not mine it’s no ones-------------this sort of stobbern/stupid/a street dog I was/’mmmmmm but now --------------------(downin’ on my kneesssss nnnnn beggin’ yaaa all tooo stop makin’ those sort of comments what hurts ------------!!!!!!! no no no not meee amaka kishutai hurt kora naaaaaa nnnn tomader kothamoto ekti street dog-er kishuta apotti/anuvuthi thukta nai kintu oiiisabh sort of comments-a nijeder heyo kora hoi. jodi amar kotha bissash na hoi “’ve a look in front of the mirror n see how disgustin’ ya guys look like”……….)

however, ‘m callin’ yaa all friends(??????????????) for the very last times---------wheather orrr not yaaa accept the burnin’ truth but I share a deep kinship with ya alllllll

(constrained as I ‘mmmm --------can’t dooooo nethin’ even ‘ve a sigh, the wound’s still fresh………nnnnnnn yet!!!!!!!!........nnnnn missin' picchi bauigh so badly)

People Discussion
(Monday, May 27, 2002)

dhannobadh kamla vhai, shifta apu, tuhin, munir uncle nn rest others who gave me strength nn inspire to stood upppp nn asked me to shut my mouth..........nnn sorry tomader kotha rukhta parlam na bolaaa!!!!!!!....

'm goin' back to Bangladesh nnn sort of afraid to see ya guys pretty often(amarr kishu shomossa achaaa sekhana what need to be done)!!!!!!

nnnn yaaaaaa shamima-----"tomarr eiii shundor jibon-ta amarr moto ekti noshto chelar(buro.....who's 42++++) joriya nijeka koshto dio naaaa. tomarrr sutha amarr kokhono hobar noiii nn hoba naaaa. ja tumi-o jano ami-o jani!!!!!just like too repeat these words to ya, shamima "wish I could brin' ya flowers from the mountains, bluebells, dark hazels nnn rustic baskets buttt it ain't never gonna happen"......

forgive nnnn forget rrrr two precious things gentlemen(so called)

(Monday, May 27, 2002)

why the messages are too long???? why can't u ppl make it a little short!!!!!! hahhahaha shybal bhai

(Monday, May 27, 2002)

i didn't even read the longggggggg messages but i like to make comments so don't mind!!!

(Monday, May 27, 2002)

where were you dustu chele?.we missed you.wish you have a nice journey and the grace of almighty will help you from all kind of be in safe dustu chele.

shopnolokar manus
(Monday, May 27, 2002)

you should have asked for forgiveness a way back stupid shybal
we are so generous of forgive
ja botso koma kora halo lekin pocha maya nahi
your pocha maya is happy with me/us & we will keep our relationship forever
no more wasting time to you rich fathers stupid son nosto chala
go back to your mom & get a new life street dog
do not forget me/we made you a looser & we win rima win we win rima win

(Monday, May 27, 2002)

Thank you stobbern to responding me I am so grateful to you In fact I did not appreciate that you call yourself a street dog Shybal Why are you getting too overturn to hear what people called you I know your feeling stobbern what Rony told me so You know people are differences with various attitude

I really do not know what to say Shybal If you ever could hear the bit of my heart you would knew what you meant to me stobbern You are the only best I have ever had Shybal

(Monday, May 27, 2002)

Have a nice trip Shybal I will always look forward if you ever come and please do not get annoy at me please please stobbern I will miss you Shybal

(Monday, May 27, 2002)

shamima,,,,,abar chapabajii??????

(Tuesday, May 28, 2002)

Wc vaia...

apnar kotha prai shuni apu r kache ..have a nice stay here :)

(Tuesday, May 28, 2002)

Hazar moner kache prosno rekhe ekti kothai sudhu jenechi ami.. prithibite prem bole kichu nei.. prem bole kichu nei.

(Tuesday, May 28, 2002)

ShopnoLoker Manush, Caltex, Sleeping beauty..
you guys accomplished what you guys r thinking that he asked your forgiveness? not so easy.because he doesn't need your forgiveness..this is his final posting, it doesn't mean that he is asking for your forgiveness..Remember, no matter what you guys said here, nosto-chele & Pocha-meye's love will remain same..
Caltex..looks like you are confused in every comments..why?it because you guys don't know what you are doing? ..shame on you is you guys are calling him a street dog..but the truth is, all of you guys let all the bulletin board member knows that who are the real street dogs..unfortunately, it is all three of you.we can give you a nice name,"The Three Street Stooges Dog'
Remember, Shybal's friend will always remain friend..

(Tuesday, May 28, 2002)

Thank you for your concern about Shybal.I personally thank you for your support on him.Recently i talked to Shybal and inform him about your comments you made on behalf of him.he appriciates your concern about him.He requested me to inform you not to make any further comments on bulletin board about him.
In Shybal's own word," Shamima, stop writing anymore craps and humilating and making fun of yourself". He also wishes you good luck for your coming days.
Shamima, you may think who i am..the answer is, i am very well known to Shybal and we chatted several times in b2k, though, you got annoyed me. I am sorry for making fun of you.Thank you.

(Tuesday, May 28, 2002)

Prithibite Prem bole kichu nai..apnar ai kotha ami mante parlamna..tobe apni jodi bolten, Prithibite shottiker r Prem bole kichu nai, tahole hoyto ami apnar sathe ekmot hote partam..tobe eta shotto je, ekhono kichu kichu shotto Prem ache, ami mone kori tara hocche ai Prithibite shob theke vaggoban/vaggoboti manush.
Kintu majhe majhe amra mitthe morichiker pichone chute jai and shondehor boshobarti hoye shay Prem ke dhongsho kori.

(Tuesday, May 28, 2002)

"prithibite prem bole kichhu nei"...anirban,apni manen na aaai kothata.ami o apnar sathe ekmot, prithibite obossoi prem achhe.ekhane e( bb)to dekhte paren pocha meye(rima)and shybal er prem.hok na ek torofa,tate ki ase jai?(jodi o rima sorasori bole diyechhe net er valoobashar proshno e uthe na )
abar prem achhe shamima and shybaler.aaitao ektorofa....ek torofa ek torofai katakati
anyway anirban valoo thakun,apnar ujjal vobisshot kamnai,,,,,,,,

(Wednesday, May 29, 2002)

Thank you whoever you are Anirban Unfortunatelly I can not recall who bugged me in the chat room Thank you again for your great affort for stobbern and believe friend like you always be a good friend Bye Anirban and please convey my message to Shybal I will not write anything in future

You sound a nice guy Anirban Thank you again and please keep contact with stobbern Shybal He might need friends like you rather than those low life spoil brat kits Wish you all the best Anirban

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