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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Monday, May 20, 2002
From: RANA-
War and civil rights

The US led war against “terrorism” and the people of pale stain has entered its latest stage and shows no sign of abating. Flushed with the successes of a massive high altitude bombing campaign, the US is now setting the stage for an expanded “ anti terrorism war” promising more death and destruction and a further consolidation of US hegemony in threaten women internationally. This war is also taking shape on the home front as civil rights rapidly erode under draconian “anti terror laws” and systemic attacks against people. Simultaneously, rights to criticize and dissent from policies of war, racism and corporate globalization are being criminalized.
At this juncture, the anti war efforts of dissidents in north America must be intensified. We must strive to create a consistent and effective movement, strengthened by political analysis of the root courses of war and by a sustained organizing commitment

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