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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2002
From: Shamima
Annoying bug caltex

I did never say Shybal does not love Rima spoil brat caltex Look upon my previous writing and comments annoying bug I know you have problem in understanding English but did not think you would be a blind indeed The lines I wrote*Shybal does not love Rima and pocha meya is Shybal's dream* was rifat's comment in the chat room special creature of the God Try to go inside the sentences not look upon the words brat Your second question is how come I know all about Shybal Because I knew him for a long time and mentioned Shybal is my cousin's cousin spoil brat caltex Though Shybal never said me his loves name but mentioned he loves someone while I pushed him too much to make me love And then he blocked my address I do not see any shame to say this sort of personal talks In fact I am proud myself to have a guy like Shybal for certain times unlike the dumbest creature like you brat caltex Even though I said Shybal is the best I have ever had Do you understand what am I talking about narrow minded kit caltex? I do not have his contact for a long period I heard everything from his*Mine also* cousin Rony Does it make any sense now? I know it will not make any sense to a dumb bug like you caltex Some other day you will come up with some related question and try to bug me up again I am kinda confused myself why am I answering these stupid questions to a low life annoying bug like you who never has a reading and understanding power?

In another comment box You mentioned that I will become nirob some other days What do you want me to say disgusting bug caltex? I wish I could spit and rub on your ugly face to read your comments You want me to ask God to change my symble and create a hopeless annoying bug like you caltex Every readers in here can see your mentally disorder Solve it as early as you could unless the time passes by brat caltex However you are trying to raise some stupid question which is has in your character and now it is known to all readers Listen it carefully very carefully annoying bug *Have some self respect on yourself Nobody will honour unless you show it to others You used some vulgar words to me which is unexpectable but it is okay I do not blame you spoil brat kit because your family did not teach you how to behave with a girl*

I do not understand why are you saturating me with Shybal*Some where calling me a known girl somewhere Shybal* What are you up to low life bug caltex? Sound its pretty ovious you have kinda proposition to see Shybal in everyone's writing Can I ask you a question dumb caltex? I am confused what to call you If yor are a girl no doubt you were ditched by Shybal and making this vulgar comments without any meanings Or else*If you are a male* you have some contraposition distinction of contrast with Shybal Keep your narrow minded envious inside and please say something with logic and let readers show your achivement as a human being with decent attitude unlike your present annoying status low life brat kit caltex

Come up Shybal and let this spoil brat bug caltex know who am I and what you meant to me please please*In fact you will never realize what you mean to me Shybal* Miss you stobbern Shybal*You told Rony to shut my mouth I am not gonna stop untill you response me Otherwise I will continue knocking at your door stobbern*

People Discussion
(Wednesday, May 15, 2002)


(Wednesday, May 15, 2002)

Shamima I didn't say that he doesn't love anyone,I said I don't think.You know ,when people euse don't think words that means they are makin 50/50 chances.I didn't say that you should push him.I said ,since I don't think he loves should keep trying.Pusing and trying has different meaning.So you need to know the differences between words.

(Wednesday, May 15, 2002)

tomar chehara joto e kharap hok na keno,tobu o mukhush khule felo..

tumi je asole ke ekhane kichhu look thik e buje.

tumi dorojai knock korte thako,korte korte tomar chikna haat betha hoye jabe.

prithibi tar upon gotite chole...

mukhushe kono kaj hoi na..

i'm a dumb,manlam shybal.but u are oversmart.ekhon dekho mojata,,,,,,

cheating chat,cheating writting bondho koro.

(Wednesday, May 15, 2002)

I apologies to you rifat for misunderstanding The word guess and think are totally confusing I did not the meaning of think*Which you said 50/50* Thanks for your tips rifat

(Wednesday, May 15, 2002)

I do not have time to respond and see your bugging life brat caltex How can I prove myself that I am not Shybal moron?

Where are you stobbern Shybal? Plesae please get rid of me from these low life bigging kits I really did the mistake to coming over to get you to share your feelings Shybal Now it is questionable on my symble Please response just once and let everybody be clear who am I please Shybal Do this favor to me It is insultable when people are questionable of their symble

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