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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2002
From: jannat
Islamic Democracy and Modern Democracy

In the Name of Allah Most compassionate ,the merciful

Dear Brothers and Sisters
Assalamu Alaikum
We the Muslim has an misunderstanding about the Democracy. We are running to the democracy which is showed us by the west, its not showed by the God Al mighty. Here it is briefly explaination of Islamic Democracy and the Democracy which is represent by the west.
Islamic Leadership, Is it democracy? What is democracy?
The best definition of democracy was given by Abraham Lincoln. When he
said that democracy is the " Goverment of the people, by the people ,
for the people ".
But in Islam it is not the "goverment of the people " it is the `
goverment of Allah` How do the people govern them themselves. They govern
themselves by making their own laws. In Islam laws are not made by the people,
but by Allah. These laws are promulgated not by the consent and decree of the
people but by the prophet by command of Allah. The people have no say
the legislation they are required to follow, not to make any comment or
suggestion about those laws and legislations.
Coming to the phrase ` by the people ` let us see how people govern themselves. They do so by election thier own rulers. But in islam the
Holy Prophet who was the supreme excutive judical and overall authority of
the Islamic goverment . Prophet was not elected or selected, is bestowed by
Allah. Its not depends on the desires of the people . So Islam is neither the goverment of the people nor by the people. There is no legislation
by the people, and the excutive and judiciary is not responsible to the
people. Nor is it , for that matter, a goverment for the people.
Islamic system from the begening to the end is for Allah. Every thing must be done `for Allah`. If it is done for the people, it is termed as polythism,
Whatever you do whether it is prayer or charity , social service of
family functions, obedience to parents or love of the neighbour, leading a prayer of deciding a case , entering to war or concluding a peace must be`
"Qurbatan Iilallah` to become nearer to Allah, to gain pleasure of Allah.
In Islam , every thing is for Allah.
In short, the Islamic form of Goverment is the goverment of Allah, by
the represntion of Allah to gain the pleasur of Allah.
It is a Theocracy, and it is the nature and characteristic of the
Islamic Leadership.

People Discussion
(Wednesday, May 15, 2002)

Shubhanallahhe behamdihi, shuhanalaahel azim.
may Allah the almighty help us to understand and follow true islamic way of life in dunia and reward us life hereafter.

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