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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, May 13, 2002
From: I_am_J
To Rini, Rony Salman, Durer_Akash and also Boiragi

Hi Rini,
Thanks for asking, everthing is going smooth.You are really making our conversation very much

interesting. And it is so nice to find that other ppl are joining wiht us. But it seems that they

are supporting you more than me. It is very natural. As they find your opinion matched with their

own thinking,so this time they are with you. But i know, when my opinion will match, they also

support me. Cause we all are friends here, we are not 'Sot-ru'. We are here for discussion not

for fighting in any way. Please forgive me if any word unfortunately hurts you.
I don't know why you are talking about Religion and reality and why you think that i am

confuesed. No problem, I'm not going to do self-defence. Cause I know what i have talked about

and what i'm going to say. As you are talking about religion, so i also need to say something in

reply. I think we should not say anything about religion by force. As much as I guess you, I and

all othere three friends (boiragi,Rony Salman, Durer_Akash) are by born Muslim. Thats why we

think that our religion is the best, every stepts, every reason is scientific. But this can't be

a wise thinking. If we were converted from other religion then we can say about the good side of

newly taken religion, then we might have the proper strenght to oppose. As none of us from that

category, so we must look for the reality. We are human being and we have all the sense and

'Bibek'. So, why don't we go for reality. We should not have any blind faith on anyone, not even

on our parents or child. Its true that our parents take lot of hardship for our prosperity but it

doesn't mean that all of their decisions are correct. As you are saying, "Natural ‘jonmo n mittu’

is controlled by allah. But unnatural jonmo n mittu happens due to despicable actions of human

being", it has two meanings. If Allah only controls natural life cycle then it proves that Allah

has lakings. He doen't have everything on his hand. There is atleast one thing, what is out of

his control. On the other hand, if the unnatural jonmo n mittu happens due to despicable actions

of human being but under control of Allah, then it agian proves, Allah can't insure and ensure

human life.

Hey, isn't it so funny, that you are talking about? Its okay that human invented cars but does

that mean human has all the resposibilities, as they invent something. If so, then why is Allah

for, only Jonmo and Mittu !? If Human stop invention then what can be happend you better know

than me. In the present world, we all are well dressed, atleast we can cover ourself with cloths,

we have lots of tasty foods, roads, buildings, medicine, education ittadi ittadi. Right now we 4

are in different places, may be far away from one another. But still we can discuss about

anything any time. And these all beacuse of human,invention, man made. Tomar Kotha O-nu-ja-e, if

human is resposnible for his invention then you have to agree, Allah must be responsible for his

creation. Proper life of human and all leaving beings, no natural disaster like flood, earthquake

ittadi ittadi. Where Allah has no resposibility for his own creation then why human need to take

responsibily for his creation. And if human agrees to take it, then doesn't it prove that Allah

can't insure human life ?
And about road accident. Tell me, is all the time only a person died caused by a road accident?

No my dear, only 1% or 2% accidents take only a single life. Almost in 98% cases we find more

than 2 persons died in a road accident. Here who is responsible, the driver? If so, then after a

safe drive, then also a driver will be responsible. Here both credits goes to human. Cause it is

not logical that all the good things goes to Allah and evil thing goes to human. By the way, are

you a fan of Shahrukh Khan?

As you are telling that whole idea of religion is “believing in unseen”, then you also know that

how is heaven, what facilities are there, how will a human live there, who will be there with

them etc. Though there is no picture or any other proof, we just believe it as because we are

muslims and all these things are written in holly books. I think you must know one very common

thing about Heaven. Everyone knows that there are canels of 'Aamrito' and lots of date palm tree

in Heaven. But do you know why human pictured this type of Heaven? In very early age of Arab,

there was no water no food, just desert. That time Oasis was the dream of all Arabians. Thats why

they pictured Heaven like this. And from thousands of years we are keeping this Heaven in our

mind ! But tell me frankly, is that type of Heaven is enough for us? No conscious person can

think of this type of Heven in this age. And one other important thing. We know that sexsual

intercourse is completely forbiden except between husband-wife. And without one's wish other

cannot force to do it. And never be more than thrice a night, doesn't matter it fulfil both's

desire or not. Please don't mind, frankly saying, if you are married yet and if you have a

perfect pertner then you must know, three times are enough or not. But we all muslim know that in

Heaven, there will be 40 beautiful girls (Huurr Pori) allotted for only one single male! Tell me,

what type of justice it is. what is the fault of his wife, who served her best for her husband in

this world and also get the pass to Heaven ? Their fault is they are female. And this is justice.

So, to me, if it is true that Devil (saytaan) is the reason that we are here in this world, i

must tell it a good job. Because of Devil we can live in this beautiful world and what Devil did

with Adam and Eve, that was the starting of human curiosity. Though because of that curiosity

Adam and Eve were punished a lot but we are able to reach in the age of modern science just

because of that same curiosity. And what sort of beautiful ages human had passed you better know.

You are wrong dear. Nothing is unseen. What is unseen, we should not believe on that. When I was

a kid, that time I thought of this stuff, we came here where from and where will we go after

death. Now it seems so simple. As we don't know where we are from like that we also don't know

where are we going after death. Know one know this two things. As we don't know our root of

coming so why do we think about justice after death. As nobody can remember his previous

condition, nobody will remember this life after death also. I don't believe on reincarnation but

who knows how many lifes we can get more after this death. Isn't it so funny? Why and how we can

replace parants love? We can't do it because we are the combination of our parents pure love.

Don't you know the reproduction system, cycle of child birth? As their combined love gave birth

of a child so how come that child replace that love. We can't replace our parents because from

the first day of our life in this world we have the love of our parents. Others also love us but

it is not the same. Thats why we can't replace our parents. It is only mother who suffers for 10

months and it is uncomparable to anything. Bewteen those days (10 m) only mother herself can feel

that someone, her baby is inside of her. Who suffers for months and give birth, isn't it so

simple that her love will be unique for his kid. This love will increase day by day for many

reasons. like, only the mother knows that her baby feels highest safety when she holds her kid

with her chest. The first word that a kid says is 'MA'. As the mother and child pass their first

few years very closely, it is natural that mothers love can't die for her child. and generation

to generation ppl care about there own kids cause the kids are their OWN. Each individuals are so

unique because of their unique biological reason. And, how Allah created us??? Right. Allah

created Adam and Eve, and now we are from them. I think i gave all the answers that you asked. Do

you still think that "These all fall into blind folded theory." ??? If so then i must say, either

you couldn't get my point or you don't want to understand.

This is the first time that you are talking logically. I am 100% agreed with your opinion about

do n don't. Everyone should think like this way. But yesterday i wrote, "As a Muslim you must

know that what is the Do and Don't of Islam". I was talking about Islam's do n don't. Now tell

me, will your opinion work when it is matter of Islam ? No way, it can't be. Islam has very

strict rules what you can't disobey. In Islam if you are going to listen to your brain and trust

your heart then you'll find that there are so many thing in Islam which are very much injustice.

You are wrong again. It is not true that no one in this world is perfect. There are so many

people in the world who are very much perfect. Best of them is 'Hajraat Muhammad(Sm)'. He is

inside of my heart. I can see His 'Rauja Mubarak' whenever I close my eyes. He is the most

perfect man of entire human history. Nothing is comparable with Him. 'The 4 Khaliphs' are

perfect, 'Hajraat Ibrahim(Ah)' is perfect, 'Maa Fatima, daughter of Hajraat Muhammad(Sm)' is

perfect, 'Hasan and Hossain(R)' are perfect, 'Boro Peer Hajraat Abdul Qadir Jilani(r)' is

perfect. They are so many who are perfect. Though none of them are visible but you can't say they

are dead. they can't be WAS, they are always IS/ARE.

Have you ever been to BD ? I found that you are not very much concerned about BD. Cause you are

unfamilier with those examples/news that i posted two days ago. Whatever, Sudhu Niti Kotha Te

Sunte Bhalo Lage J... money is nothing. But the reality is, money can't buy happiness but without

money none can be happy. Money is directly and indirectly involved with every part of our life.

Without economical solvency no family is happy, no husband can make his wife happy only give lots

of love. No parents can make their children happy if they are unable to fulfil their basic need.

Without money you can't fulfil your 6 besic needs properly. You can't take higher education. Love

also needs money. Poor ppl also do love but that is only physical attraction. It is not true

love. True love demands surity of better future what is not possible without economical solvency.

Money can't buy respect but can make a better room in the society. Only respect can't give you

the guarantee of food, cloth, home, education, treatment.Entertainment is far far away. There are

so many teachers, workers, the brave freedom fighters live in this country. We respect them very

much. we also respect farmers and cultivators. But do you know what is their actual condition?

Their life are full of sufferings. Teachers kid can't go to school, freedom fighters have no

smooth life, farmers can't asure his own food. And this is all because of poverty. Do you think

that they are happy with their respect? Its true, happiest ppl of this world don’t necessarily

have the best of every thing, they make the most of every thing. But can you tell me how? With

that respect??? Money is the main factor. I am not talking about huge money. For happiness we

atleast need that much money what can smoothly fulfil our demand. I am happy. May be you and

other three friends are also happy. The reason is, we all are from atleast middle class family

not from the poor family. As we have proper money, so we have respect and we can fulfil our

needs. We can do little bit 'Bila-si-ta' also. Thats why we can say we are happy. At the end i

want to say, 'Open your eyes, look around, think logically and try to realise the reality. Use

your brain, don't go for blind belief. You are Human, not a simple creature'

Take care

People Discussion
(Tuesday, May 14, 2002)

hello J,
thanks for ur logical points(except one or two) and have been waiting eagerly to meet u...bye

(Tuesday, May 14, 2002)

Hi ppl,

Uummm look this is goin’ no where. As u n I n others are different in many ways n so are our believes n prospectives. If u r comfortable with what u believe in n think that this is 4 the best then pplzzz carry on. Who am I to tell what is right or wrong..or what is real or not. I already have explained my part n with rony’s comments it sums up what I’m tring to say. As 4 u even though I couldn’t agree with most of it…but still respect your view point. I wish u all the very best in every way possible….

(Tuesday, May 14, 2002)

i’ll finish of with a lil’ bangla poem ( a friend of mine said this)

Vhor hoy ni ajho holo nah
Khal hobha khi nah tao janhi nah
Parshu vhor nischoy habha
A ashabad tomhra vulho nah …………..asha niyha manush bacha thakha

p.s. sharukh khan

(Wednesday, May 15, 2002)

Hi Rini, Thanks for your response. Though you are leaving this matter at the middle of the road, but anyway, nice talking for last few days. Waiting for another nice story from you. Always hope for the best

p.s Tumi Aamar Eto Boro posting Tar answer Na Diye Aamar Pori-srom ta Nosto Korla.

(Wednesday, May 15, 2002)

MISS RINI affa ki hoylo gari chaira dila keno, j vai a ki kamra i lo naki ..amago chaira koy jao

(Thursday, May 16, 2002)

Tomake Dhonno-baad.... Tomake_chai

(Thursday, May 16, 2002)

chada >>tomake chai nah

j shotto apur jonny ektu porisrom korlha kono loss hoyna vaiya

(Saturday, May 18, 2002)

Rini, My sweet little sis, its okay that aami tomar jonno kosto korlam, but where is the other two friends(rony and durer_akash)? They should again give you the backup.

Rony Salman
(Sunday, May 19, 2002)

J, if you were an atheist, this would have been a completely different issue, if you were from another religion, I would have gladly stated things (as far as my limited knowledge allows me to) to show Islam’s superiority over others, but since you claim to be a believer of Islam (that’s what I figured from your postings, correct me if I am wrong), I see no reason in debating over issues which are not at any disputes! One or two may come up with different opinion, but if the 99% think in the same way, is it really necessary to ‘move the earth’ in making it a big issue and squabble over it?

Rony Salman
(Sunday, May 19, 2002)

J, You mentioned about people needing a minimum amount of money to be happy, well, to an extent, it may be true, but not completely. Plainly, happy is the person contented with what he has! A life can’t be either only with happy or only with sad events; it comes in a package stuffed with both of them! I can’t really talk for the happiness of the people living in real destitution, like beggars or the ones raised in the slums, but I can talk for the middle and high class people.

Rony Salman
(Sunday, May 19, 2002)

Everyone has his own kind of success and failure and a general discernment is that the richer they are, the more is the shock of a failure imposed on! Poverty keeps people down to earth and compared to the high-class people, middle classes are more patient and less disgusted in failures and hence once step closer to contentment! It doesn’t necessarily mean, the poorer the happier, however, it also doesn’t mean the other way around either! One example, princess Diana attempted to commit suicide for three times when she had all the riches, fame, charm, etc. (you name it) of the world thrown at her feet!!

Rony Salman
(Sunday, May 19, 2002)

Regarding your other queries about life and death, Allah gives and takes away lives as He wishes, its not so straight forward that a good spirit will live longer and an evil one will perish early! Allah wanted the human to be uncertain about death so that he fears Allah all the time and carryout His orders when there is still time! Definitely Allah knows the best!

Rony Salman
(Sunday, May 19, 2002)

Finally, this is about your comments on why I haven’t come in here and backed RINI up. Well, first of all, I believe, she doesn’t really need any backing, she has quite a clear idea of what she is talking about, and not to mention, she can do that very well! I myself refrained from making any comments as I lost interest after seeing your way of putting the ideas forth that I found rather hard to reason with ‘as a believer’! You mentioned in your May11 posting that ‘you didn’t believe in the absurd line that what Allah does, does for the best’. Well, I find that quite a blatant remark for a believer. When we don’t understand something about Allah, His creation or any other thing mentioned in our religion, we simply say we don’t understand it, we never say we don’t believe in….!!

Rony Salman
(Sunday, May 19, 2002)

I am not here to judge the depth of your belief in the religion, I have just mentioned above to explain why I lost interest in your posting that concerns the religion. People will participate in your posting naturally if they find it interesting, your futile attempt with ‘where are Rony & .... to back U up’ only shows your sheer deliberate stirring in pulling people into forceful participation in issues that they find uninteresting!

(Sunday, May 19, 2002)

1st rule of islam or any other religion is believing in quran carefully...all the answers are there..

2ndly RINI doesn't need backups...we dont need to come here n show that we agree with RONY said i'm also discusted to be carring on with this...i prosume thats the same with she stoped...just b cos she is sweet thats why couldn't say n e thing harsh...

(Friday, March 21, 2003)

Hi Mr. J really y've got patience to write those words. What makes you so patient full,so sure. Is n't it the nature of curiosity which driven you to such a path where you've discovered those words. Well J I missed your previous words though reading current one I can't help my self but write some. Let's think that You are standing at sea beach when sun is going to set. You got a stick and about to drawing the moment on the sand. Well now what are you gonna draw that what u r watching at, like the sun is going into the sea. But the reality is the sun is not going under the sun though your are drawing a straigt line as the horizon and a half circle on that line risambling the sun.

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