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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, May 11, 2002
From: I_am_J
Hey Rini, Look again

Hey Rini, hope you are fine. Thanks for your nice reply. I am so grateful that though you are unfamiliar with those examples but you understood the main thing and replied.

I have come to an opinion about you. You are just like other Muslims. You all just believe that there is Allah, who always do the best. It doesn't matter, the incident is good or bad for us, but it was done for the best. cause we the Muslim believe that everything is done by Allah. You know, what is our main problem? we just do believe, but never try to think logically. cause we are Muslims and we must believe on Allah's every work but don't have any right to think about the work, it is right or wrong. It is true that death is a natural part of human life cycle. When a human or Animal die because of old age or disease then we can call it natural death. But how come we can call it NATURAL when someone killed or died in an accident ? If Allah really controls the Jonmo and Mrit-tu, then how did He insure the life of that person who died in accidental death? Do you think that i am a 'Nastik'. No way my dear. I am a Muslim and I also do believe that Allah controls Jonmo-Mrittu, but i don't have blind faith, I am not afraid to say the truth. I don't believe that absurd line.... "what Allah does, does for the best".

Come on. you are out of your own track. on your 1st msg. you said, Allah controls Jonmo-Mrittu, but in the 2nd msg. you said, the cruel human being takes life into there own hands. how come both of this possible ? If Allah controls then human can't do anything. On the other hand, if human can do it by himself/herself then who is the controller ? you again proved that you have blind faith as you are saying about justice in the next life. have you seen any proof of that justice ? you just found it in Holly Quran. But I am sure of it, you can't show any proof of getting justice in the life after death. What is the guarantee of getting justice? What will be the justice, the victim will be placed in Heaven and the cruel human being will be thrown in Hell? How can you surely say that the victim will must be placed in Heaven. Is Heaven that much easy? If so, then isn't it the best way to took place in Heaven by leading your life in unsafe way and be a victim ?

You are very right. The world is really a wonderful place. But tell me, is world seems as a Ram of your Computer? You must know that Ram takes that data what is needed and clear the data which are useless. But does the world do the same thing? If so, then only the Great People live forever and we the very ordinary people can't live more than few years. As a Muslim you must know that what is the "Do and Don't" of Islam. If you obey the every rule of Islam can you find this world wonderful? It is not possible. No one can be happy in this world without doing a little bit illegal thing. If he/she is not happy then he/she won't find this world wonderful. And who claims that he/she is completely legal, he/she is missing the beauty of the world but have the hope that after death they are gonna get a far more better life where as there is no proof of justice.

Here i need to say something about justice. As a Muslim you must know that there is 80% of justice done by Allah in this world and 20% after death. When a man died after months of sufferings we allways say that he was a 'Kharap lok' and thats why he suffered. If you call it justice then tell me, do we call anyone 'Kharap lok' who is doing illegal things only for months? No, we call that person 'Kharap lok' who has been doing illigal things for years. So how come only a months suffering can be 80% justice? If only this much is 80% then i can imagine easily what will be that 20%. I don't believe on this justice. I believe, 'Bhalo lok' suffers in this world and suffers after death also.

In conclusion i can only say that, there is no limit of sufferings if you are an innoncent but if you do illegal things then you will get Money, Power and all the stuffs thats makes you happy in this world. Kharap Lok Sob Somoy Bhalo Thake. There is no justice.

People Discussion
(Sunday, May 12, 2002)

hi J,
though its an illegitimate act from me that i'v been interfering ur conversation, but, i couldn't resist myself. any way, again i agree with ur many points u raised above. i would like to talk to u face to face, if u agree. looking forward to ur reply.....bye

(Sunday, May 12, 2002)

Hello Boiragi,
don't think like this way. as i don't know anybody here, so i'm addressing Rini. That doesn't mean others can't give their opinions. . you are most welcome to give your opinion. i've no porb about meeting but tell me one thing, is it a wise decission to meet with an unknown person? Please don't take it otherwise.

(Sunday, May 12, 2002)

ur absolutely right, don't trust strangers!...thats why i'm inviting u to chat in the b2k. i do chat at evening and mid-night(BD Time). ur welcome to know me....see u...bye

(Sunday, May 12, 2002)

G’day j . how is it goin’? by reading your posting I get the over view that u r confused between the lines of religion and reality.

Religion is different in terms of the believes which varies within individuals. I wont force u into believing which u don’t wanna, but I’ll just try to show the other side of it. Natural ‘jonmo n mittu’ is controlled by allah. But unnatural jonmo n mittu happens due to despicable actions of human being.

(Sunday, May 12, 2002)

Such example being road accident…use your logic…why accidents happen in the 1st place…ok who invented cars???? Was it transportation vehicles are so called “man made”…now road accidents happen b cos we as human being don’t drive safely…don’t maintain speed limits…drink drive (some cases)….itadi itadi…things we r not suppose to do…but still do it…these r called despicable actions of human being…in these cases human controls…allah is there 4 u…watching over u…but wont interfere with your decision in life, wont reinforce your decision…but if u cry out 4 help…u’ll hear your instincts telling u what to do..what is right n wrong.

(Sunday, May 12, 2002)

Also keeping in mind that devil (saytaan) is also there, n that’s who reinforces u into doing these cruel actions. Adam n eve wouldn’t have been sent to the world if saytaan didn’t interfere in their life. Now when does saytaan interfere…when we start doubting our believes 4 allah..start questioning ourselves about the actions of allah.
U mentioned about the life after death…how come there’s no proofs…let me say whole idea of religion is “believing in unseen”.

(Sunday, May 12, 2002)

Ever wondered where do ppl go after they die???? Why is it that u can replace ne thing in life except parents love…why can’t u replace your parents??? Why a mothers love never dies 4 her kids?????? Why is it so unique??Why is it generation to generation ppl care about there own kids?????? How allah created us??? Why each individuals r so unique????? These all fall into blind folded theory. Some things in life u cant question that’s why its called “believe in the unseen”.

(Sunday, May 12, 2002)

Now going into the topic of what is right n wrong or do n don’t, I cant tell u that, only u can, it varies between individuals. The way I see it as “think ahead”, when u decide on something think n ask yourself is this right, put yourself into other’s position, think if it hurts u cos if it hurts u then it’ll hurt the other person as well. Listen to your brain but trust your heart. If u feel comfortable with doing something then carry on. If u don’t then stop n think why u don’t feel comfortable. There’s no boundary to do n don’ religious based these got exaggerated within generation. No 1 in this world is perfect.

(Sunday, May 12, 2002)

Happiness is another thing…. U can still enjoy life n find happiness n still have strong religious believes…n still do the right things. What is happiness to u????? u define happiness first. Then I can explain this part. What u mean by caring on illegal actions…. Money can’t buy happiness. Money can buy u power but not respects from the heart. True happiness is within your heart. Happiest ppl of this world don’t necessarily have the best of every thing, they make the most of every thing. To sum up all these “live life with simplicity not complexity”.

P.S. SORRY khondho bikhondo korha patha ta holo

Rony Salman
(Sunday, May 12, 2002)

Bravo RINI! When I was going thru J’s posting, I thought of questioning a few of his remarks, but when I went thru your flurries of nice replies at the bottom, I knew I wouldn’t have to! However, following is what I would like to add for J to ponder.

Once you believe in your religion, you don’t need any proof to justify any statement written in the Holly book, you readily believe in Allah, His book and whatever His messenger said! A good deed and its reward and a bad deed and its punishment are not that straight forward, nor Allah has given human the power or insight to understand or prove all His works, cause, Allah wants the human beings believe in and follow His book on their free will without any proof! If the rewards/punishments were handed down to people right away, instead of FREE WILL, people would have been CONSTRAINED to believe and follow the religion!!

(Monday, May 13, 2002)

WELL DOWN Rini N J, u both deserve a round of applose..both view point r interesting n very intellegent.
when i first read thorugh j's point it got me thinking then i read rini's (the most sweetest reply) it answered or cleared all my confusions...this is a great learning plzz go on..i'll like to hear more from both of you.

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