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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, May 11, 2002
From: Shamima
Missing you stobbern Shybal

Shybal Shybal Shybal What happened to you? Why do not you come up and say something? Even you could say something like *Shamima do not annoy me I do not have any intense to reply you back a word* Eventually your quiet is making me more unhappy and I can not stop my tears stobbern shybal

You stole my world and I am just phony now But it is not so bad You are the only best I have ever had Shybal It may take some time to patch me up inside I can not take it so longer stobbern shybal However I can not run away or hide from my feelings You sailed away into a gray sky morning and I am here*Always alone* to stay and keep hoping either of our love will come back shybal

Today was my last exam of the sem It was not that good because something were inside bugging me too much Shybal Rony is another stobbern like you Shybal He does not want me to know anything about you your love pocha maya Now I know your pain Where and how it grows inside I believe what I heard from Rony is not true How could you let it go this way Shybal? Why do not you fight back and grab your pocha maya *Although Rony said that you respect your love and let her go away who she wants to stay in touch* I do too respect your decession but not stay in the dark and let those low life annoying kits caltex and sleepingbeauty live alone You should kick them so hardly as they can not ever dare again to stand in between someother lovers Shybal Here in the night it burns me up inside stobbern Shybal

You should know I am left out and locked in a box with a light that will never shine I am here now waiting and watching you deny *Write to me few lines or knock at my door before you leave* me stobbern Shybal Miss you Shybal Missing you from the bottom of my heart

Remember those days Shybal while I waited in the chat room for you Sorry people those were just innocent chat and I tried to make shybal know that he has a small place in my heart We *specially me* should take a chance to dance the last dance spend the night one more time You know emotion is so real in the middle of the night I call out your name Shybal *I just want to hear you call my name once please shybal please*

Do I ever cross your mind? Do you ever feel the same? I do still miss you stobbern Shybal

People Discussion
shopnolokar manus
(Saturday, May 11, 2002)

good writing chamsi samima
a small place in your heart for rich fathers stupid son shybal is making me luff
we feel pity for you chamsi & you will be another looser
for your information chamsi that stupid did not leave his pocha meya & we took away rima from nosto sela

(Saturday, May 11, 2002)

In addition you two both could make those brat kits looser As a reader wisher and far away someone I would ask stobbern shybal to look forward and forget what it happened in past Because I want to hear shybal is happily ever after with his love *Though a girl name shamima is a falling star*

I do not care who is in shybal's life as long as he is in the mood with so much joy I do not care about you girl rima As I told before *If I were in shybal's pocha mayas place I would have been the first priority to stop humaliting him and protest those bug to fly our love's flag* So do something girl to stop hurting each others and let those bugs buzzing their own and will fall with despair

(Saturday, May 11, 2002)

Shamima!!!!!!!!!!!!! amar decision kii taa jaake jananur janiyeshi. asha rakhi amar naam arr BB tee ullekh korbe naa eshob beparee please.arekti kotha ami soto baccha noi jee karo kothay dure sore jabo .

kew kisu cheye naa pele setakee nijer berthotaa vhaba uchit. keno onner opore dush chapanu?

shopnoloker manush ami sotti khub ashchorjo hocchi tumader likha golo poree. Manush jee koto taa joghonno hote pare tumader naa dekhle bojha jeto naa sleeping beauty, caltex and shopno loker manush.

(Saturday, May 11, 2002)

I do not have any intense to listen you brat low life kit sleepingbeauty Because it is all known you are a pathetic disgusting annoying bug and everyone want to spit on your ugly face Just ask the readers what they think among you who they could not do anything but making themself the dumbest creature in the world

I do not feel the way you feel of love spoil brat sleepingbeauty Getting someone is not the ending of love Seeing lovers happiness is the theme of love what you narrow minded bugs misunderstand I feel myself a lucky girl as because someone I miss like shybal Ask yourself what does your girl feels for you if you have one I would not hesitate to say bug sleepingbeauty as well to caltex *If they see know you two bugs nasty behave they would spit on you both ugly faces*

Get a life before the time passes by *Shybal said so*

(Saturday, May 11, 2002)

Sorry girl rima I do not understand what do you mean Is that you mean that *Were their your silent corroboration to made shybal down?* Because you tried to say something what is related to desire and getting nothing If you meant what those circumtance happened were your inspiration would say bravo girl bravo

One more thing girl Rima I am not the one who brought up your name in this comment place Those low life bugs named you mentioned were the person took out your name Neither of my writing tried to make you down girl or shybal's loving pocha maya So do not get annoy at me please I just tried to know what it happened and why I thought Shybal would come up with the truth and make everything clear But my luck I have not heard a single word from stobbern Shybal

(Saturday, May 11, 2002)

However I had seen your silence always while among those brat kits brought up your name girl Is it because I know something and you scared of the truth Listen girl Rima *Truth is always truth None can hide it with any cost* The way I can say I miss Shybal and this is call express of self Sorry girl Rima if you were offended at my writings and hope you will pick your right choice Good luck

(Saturday, May 11, 2002)

I been anxiously waiting to hear a respond from you girl Rima Please do not let us think that your silent corroboration to made shybal down I know onething pretty good that none can scape from the truth No matter when and somehow truth will come up Rima I am not trying to hurt you but your comment make me to think too many think Rima

(Saturday, May 11, 2002)

you have a logic dear shamima.thank you again.i honour your effort to stand up shybal with dignity.hope almighty will help you and dear shybal will realize the real love.we people sometimes scared of the truth and we forget about the person who watches us always.i have the same question to you dear rima as shamima you know these nasty people dear rima?were you related with them to made these sort of comments?why are these nasty people trying to take away your and shybals love?what is their advantage?

i know two shybal from the chat was too hursh with people and another was changeable far i know you a good writer dear shybal.i am asking you dear shybal to response shamima if you read her effort.i tell you shybal you can not have someone like samima as a friend/partner

you all have a good day and pray to god to see us the right path

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