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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, May 09, 2002
From: Shosha
I'm not a life expert, but...

At the West, his music
At the East, my lyric
Between us, the Atlantic.

Yet, I do not fret about this, since I hardly have any connection with this person other than he is a distant relative and I like him. As the well-known saying goes, "Que Sera Sera" ("Whatever will be, will be"). I am happy with my life no matter what happens. Just be grateful for what you have.
Mone hochchhe je amra Muslim hoyeo bf kingba gf niye ghurchhi, abong shei karonei ato dukkho hochchhe. We are getting attached to people too easily, and by not getting married, it shows that one is not commited and devoted to the other. Remember, marriage is the best policy. Oh yes, and honesty. We all know that statistically marriages, where the couple have not gone out together before, are more likely to last than those where the couple date beforehand. I am not trying to be your mother or teach you morality, but mone hochchhe amra shob boye gechhi.
You probably don't agree with me but thanks for hearing me out.

People Discussion
(Thursday, May 09, 2002)

Thanks a lot for sharing ur feelings with us, hope we muslim boys and girls will able to realise our devine code of life.
May Allah the almighty help us to understand and guide us to lead our worldly life on the way of Islam.

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