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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, May 08, 2002
From: sleepingbeauty
stupid shybal + samima

you have a big mouth chamsi samima
why the hell you are calling us kit & bugs
we will bite you now nosto selas chamsi
you should not be worry for what we did
you should be happy samima
you got back stupid shybal what you said to be closer to him
you should be thankful to us what we did
we took away rich father sons love pocha maye & create a place to have that stupid shybal

do not cry to go to NewYork
we make ourselves win & lost you nosto sela
why do not you ask posa meya rima
is she happy with us or missing you stupid shybal
she is happy to sitting on the lap of our friend

yes stupid shybal get up for samima
samima is the only one you have
we take away your posa meya & made you cry

People Discussion
(Thursday, May 09, 2002)

I am not obsessed to make a comment on jerk low life annoyed brat kit sleepingbeauty's comment but to let you know *Love is not made to happen Love just happens* Shybal said so And I do strongly believe on that Why would shybal be alone? Although he did not look at me but he was always with my soul mind heart in everything

Still you have time to realize what is love brat sleepingbeauty I do not waste my time to writing to a bug like you sleepingbeauty and caltex Get a life and stop hurting people

(Thursday, May 09, 2002)

sleeping beauty,
i agree with Shamima, that Love doesn't come just like that, it comes from the feelings for each doesn't matter whether she goes back to Shybal or not, just remember, u cannot seperate true love for each other, no matter what you do or post nasty comments about them.

in fact, sleeping beauty, after watching all the comments you made, i came up with the conclusion is that, you are the biggest looser, not Shybal or his Pocha-meye. so, plz stop making those comments and leave them alone.

(Thursday, May 09, 2002)


what is love??

love ki nishi rater phoner alap ekjoner sathe,ar arek joner jonno bb te sahitto chorcha???

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