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Friday, July 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, May 07, 2002
From: Shamima
Get up Shybal

I went to the chat room several times to look for you Shybal Where you at now? Don't you want to responses me just once Shybal? Do not know how many times I opened my account to see your mail You can not hurt me this way in public Though I do not care about them I just want to to share your lonileness Shybal I am not asking you to love me or get closer to me Thats only my desire not your Shybal

There were two chatters named bepari and SOULS said that they talked to you over the phone and doing well Hope they said I was in the chat room and waited a while Shybal

Do not get annoyed So far I realized sleepingbeauty's problem Its just cause of his poverty You do not have to upset that your parents do more money than them and thats what they are keep calling you a rich father's son I do not see any vexation to having money A question to sleepingbeauty *Did that girl name rima or whoever ditch you just because of your proverty and hooked up with shybal?* and thats where your pain growth and hurting Shybal and trying to take away shybal's love? Come on to the reality sleepingbeauty and do something to cover your poverty Otherwise your wings will break and let you fall where you belong to kit sleepingbeauty

Do not you sleepingbeauty dare to call Shybal a street dog You have to go so far to be a man like him Do not think I am talking on behalf of shybal I have seen his love for his pocha meya and thats what made me to make a distance and always pray to God to see both of them happiness Does not matter that I loved shybal one way and get pain

Remember shybal what you said to stop loving you *If you love someone set it free If it comes back to you then it yours If it does not it never was yours* My brain keep reminding me these lines shybal You told me so many things and thats what made me to think you a gentleman You could play with me for my lonilyness and weak but you did not Even though you blocked my address as I do not get chance to talk to keep connect to get pain myself shybal

I said myself that the girl shybal loves is more precious than me and thats why you did not acquiescence to my love who always wanted to be close to you shybal Now what it happen shybal? Can't you fight with those low life annoyed bugs and let your pocha meya understandable shybal? I am making this comment on myself though I do not know the circumtances why and how it happened

I knew you are a stubborn How did you let them go shybal? You might have chosen to be quiet for two option Although I would be wrong shybal

One *You did not want to insult your pocha meya in public Even wanted to let know her name*
Second *You have something else to say more than we know through those bugs sleepingbeauty and caltex who they always wear mask and hurt people for their low life*

I have the same question like *rudro* did shybal and thank rudro to supporting me Because I can not stand to see shybal's lonileness rudro Believe I feel more pain than shybal feel himself and I am proud of being shybal's far away someone Do not get mad at me stubborn shybal Can I ask something to your love shybal? Okay I am asking wheather you become furious at me or not Why did not you girl come in front of this situation while shybal was attacking through those bugs? Were their your silent corroboration to made shybal down? What kinda girl you are to be quiet and see your love getting humiliate bye low life sleepingbeauty and catlex? I do not care how much you get offended girl If I were in your place I should have been the first one to save shybal and would let fly my love's flag girl

Being a chatter reader a wisher I would remind you *do not get scared to see the clouds because the sun is laughing behind that cloud and stick up whom you love and never let go The way I feel shybal

Miss you shybal and rememder you have atlist me to stand right behind you I would hold my umbrella to save you from sun winter rain and in everything shybal

Get up shybal please get up for God sake and do something to stop humiliting you in public I just can not stop my tears shybal

People Discussion
Rony Salman
(Tuesday, May 07, 2002)

So straight and naďve, Shamima has already made her a big lover-heart in B2k with such a one-sided sincere love with no self-interest or strings attached!! I know its none of my business, just couldn’t help giving her the complement she deserves!! You are right, a friend is no friend if he doesn’t stand up for you when you need him to! A philosopher (I don’t remember the name) said, ‘In the end, it’s the silence of our friends that hurts us more than the words of our enemies!!’

(Wednesday, May 08, 2002)

actually friend is always friend.But it doesn't mean that we have to interfere in every matter.I saw sleeping beauty 's message before.He was bugging shybal about his girlfriend.It was little annoying.But shybal answered it very well.he used all kind of words that he could use.Compare to sleepings beauty's writing,shybal's answer was little bit more answer which was not expected answer.The guy sleeping beauty tried to insult shybal but he didn't use bad words though.So I am confused which side ,i should take.shamima ,just leave it alone.that guy was trying to bother shybal.if shybal doesn't answer,he will be bored and will stop his posting.But if you want to go this on and on,then shybal should come and protest.

and that's all my opinion

shopnolokar manus
(Wednesday, May 08, 2002)

yes nosto sela shybal get up for samima
samima is the one now you have
do not loose the opportunity to love samima & call her posa meya like you did to rima

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