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Tuesday, July 24, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, May 05, 2002
From: jjajabor

heyyy guy's,

sometimes friendship get complecated.
do you know why??? when??? how????

People Discussion
(Monday, May 06, 2002)

Jodi bondhutto hoi praptir prottasha purno, se khetre prottash puroner barthota bondhutter sundor samporke chir dhorate pare.
it depends, what kind of friendship u r talking about.

(Monday, May 06, 2002)

bondhutto bole prithibi tee kisu achee bole mone hoy naa.ashole prithibir kew karo kokhono bojhe naa, feel kore naa . jaa bola hoy taa shompornu abeg arr sharthor jonno . shartho sesh holee durbolotaa golo theke gele bojha jaay bondhuttor ashol rup. amar sathe oneker kothar mil naa o hote pare .

(Monday, May 06, 2002)

hi rima,
aponar sahoshi kothar jonno dhonnobad.

(Tuesday, May 07, 2002)

**bondhutto bole prithibi tee kisu achee bole mone hoy naa** "tumi kintu jor diye bolo ni je Bondhutto bole prithibi te kicchu nei"
tar mane holo ai je moner ek kone theke akhon o tumi mone koro Bondhutto bole kicchu aacche . am I right ??

(Tuesday, May 07, 2002)

Right Cactus Bhaia

(Sunday, May 12, 2002)

Hi Rima,
Nice pieces of words. but as you are talking about 'Abeg', you must agree with me that
wihout 'Abeg' a human will be a Robot. and about 'Shartho'??? can you tell me who doesn't have 'Shartho'? From the Creator to the New Born, everyone has 'Shartho'. So, please don't try to prove yourself as a Rock.

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