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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, May 05, 2002
From: jannat


I was quite disappointed to see this e mail on this notice board I thought
it had done the rounds and died down. (about the so called halal logo)

The case they make is that government support is needed to regognise a
trademark which if it is put on a product assures the Muslim that product is

However this is just empty marketing, and greatly misleading as there is no
overseeing body to make sure the goods that carry it have passed any Islamic
criteria to carry the mark. It is just an empty symbol.

My husband has been trying to clean up the halal meat trade in UK and Europe
for nearly 15 years now. Refusing to be paid by or be affiliated to any
body or organisation to maintain his objectivity.

He has seen the so called HFA (Halal Food Authority) come and go. In fact
years ago they asked him to head it. He told them the muslims needed their
own abbatoirs first so the killing could be inspected. Not just get meat
from here there and everywhere and stamp it with a logo that only proved the
whole salers and shops had joined the HFA not that the meat was Halal!

They refused him as he was too thorough and not prepared to just accept the
meat had had Bismillah said on it so leave the rest up to Allah (SWT)!

It is your sin not the shop!

Incidentally this idea that it is somehow the shops duty to carry the sin if
they say the meat is halal and there is no onus on us as consumers to check
it, is one of the most widely held misconceptions of the whole halal issue.

The rule of the store carrying th sin if they say it is Halal only applies
in a Muslim State. Where the rulling Authority has certified any meat sold
within it's borders is Halal. Then you do not need to check.

If however you live in a non Muslim State, the responsibility is on you to
check it out. No matter how many holy holy sign s the shop has up all over
the place or how many uncles they have who have been to Hajj! Ask to see
his invoices!

Al hamduililah his 15 years of dedication have not been in vain and there
are developments. Firstly about 6 years agao he took a secret camera crew
all round London and exposed the cheaters of the halal trade for a channel 4
programme, which is still recognised today as an outstanding turning point
in the awreness of what goes on in the name of Halal. The full video can be
seen on <> website, which he donated freely to them.

Then he was invited to a conference in Germany to listen to the scholars of
the day debate the issue and Yusuf Quardawi was one of the main speakers
This brother is the Author of Halal and Haram a must have handbook on most
peoples shelves. When Brother Yusuf spoke he was misinformed on some issues
concerning stunning and had actually allowed it in the book I just
mentioned. My husband stood up in front of 25,000 people and corrected him.
He spoke for over 15 minuites. When he had finished Masha Allah in the
true nature of Islamic Scholars brother Yusuf asked the audience and Allah
to forgive him because he had not had the benefit of my husbands knowledge
on the issue and said that all his previous publications and opinions must
be disregarded in favour of what my husband had just said. And from now on
He would be the reference point for law and fetwa in this area.

A few years later the fight was still going on to get some sort of unified
system for slaughterhouse inspection which was hampered over and over by the
so called islamic societies in each region who had much to loose as the meat
trade were large donators to their activities and no one wanted to upset
them! The Muslim Meat Mafia had had a good run for their money and had been
able to dictate to the Mosques for years about who got certificates and who
did not it was the most filthy corruption imaginable!

Al hamduiliah he never wavered through poverty hardship and death threats he
never gave up. Finally this year the Minister for Meat, Agriculture Food
and Fisheries (MAFF) wanted to see him and he went along. They offered him
the oppertunity to word a new law under the trades descriptions act to cover
the sale of Halal meat and Goods. He is responsible for putting the words
Bismillah and Allahu Akbar and 'without prior stunning' as a written statute
into the British Law.

The central Mosque in London under a new chairman backed his efforts and
announced a partnership with the Trading Standards people backed by trades
description legislation which now make it a criminal offence to sell meat or
meat products as Halal, that do not comply to the full Islamic code and are
without prior stunning.

If you think a shop is selling doubtful of Haram prodicts as Halal they can
be warned/ fined/ then shut down and or prosecuted.

Tescos Asda and KwikSave have been ordered to remove their Halal signs and
their cases are pending with the courts. Numerous Meat shops in London have
been shut down and or fined and we are now continuing this effort in the
North of England.

Incidentally only England has the right of no stunning so any product of
tinned meat or goods outside UK that says it is Halal can not possibly be
without stunning. Except some German production that operated on a small
scale. But nothing from New Zealand or Argentina is without stunning.

In the UK now, for every 20 chickens sold as Halal only 1 or 2 at the most
are really without stunning. Likewise red meat ie lamb and mutton for every
30 sold only 2 are Halal. there is NO HALAL BEEF IN UK on commercial sale
only individual killers here and there.

So please sisters and brothers do no t be fooled by cosmetic jestures of
signs and logos. Get it in to your head that you must know where the meat
was raised and fed and then killed. No stamp on it afterwards is going to
clean it in the sight of Allah (SWT). For an animal to be maltreated in any
way or it's rights negated, no mater how it is killed afterwards, this can
never be Halal.

Jazak Allah for reading such a long post may Allah (SWT) guide us all Ameen

Caroline Maryam Ward

People Discussion
(Sunday, May 05, 2002)

Thank u very much for this important information. May A llah subhanahu taala award ur husband for his noble task. My best wishes to u and ur husband for sharing this information with all b2k BB members.
May Allah the almighty foregive us for our misdeed and guide us to lead our worldly life on the way of true Islamic faith.

(Sunday, May 05, 2002)

Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful experience with us. It was truly worth reading.

(Tuesday, May 07, 2002)


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