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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, May 03, 2002
From: jannat
Transcript from a Fox show (about Palestine and Israel)

Transcript from a Fox show

The interview between a Fox interviewer and the Lebanese Ambassador to the
U.S., Mr. Farid Abboud. This was GREAT !

If you didn't see the interview, then THIS IS A MUST READ !!!
Fox Interviewer: Mr. Ambassador, do you consider Hizbollah a terrorist
organization ?

Abboud: Yes, Sharon is a terrorist !

Fox: Mr. Ambassador, this was not my question. I asked you about the
operations of Hizbollah in the targeting and killing of innocent civilians.
How do you view Hizbollah ?

Abboud: Yes, Sharon the terrorist has killed thousands upon thousands of
civilians. He is the biggest terrorist out there !

Fox: Mr. Ambassador. Please answer my question. Do you consider Hizbollah a
terrorist organization or not ??? Are you against the killing of innocent
civilians ?!

Abboud: Of course I am against the killing of innocent civilians. You have
to define who the innocent civilians are. Sharon, the terrorist has killed
many thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians and he is continuing to
do so !

Fox: But what about Hizbollah ? Are you telling us that Hizbollah never
killed any civilians or plotted to kill any innocent civilians ?

Abboud: Hizbollah is a resistance movement. They have a place in the
Lebanese parliament and they are fighting for justice and for a good cause.
If there were innocent civilians hurt in the process, they are a casualty
of war. Hizbollah does not target civilians on purpose, unlike the war monger,
Sharon, whose only targets have been civilians, including children !!!

Fox: Mr. Ambassador, does this mean you condone the suicide bombers ?!

Abboud: I do not condone the actions of the war criminal Sharon !!!

Fox interviewer (with apparent frustration): Mr. Ambassador, please stop
evading my questions and answer them directly ! Do you condone the suicide
bombers ?!

Abboud: I do not condone the killing of innocent civilians, but we have to
define who is an innocent civilian and who is not !!! If a Palestinian
suicide bomber kills a bunch of Israeli soldiers who are committing
atrocities against the defenseless Palestinian population, do you consider
these soldiers as innocent civilians ???

Fox interviewer (sighing): Mr. Abboud, do you recognize Israel's right to
exist ?

Abboud: Yes, I recognize PALESTINE'S right to exist !!!

Fox interviewer (no words to describe his face): Mr. Ambassador. Please
stop this aversion in answering, and answer our specific questions !!! Do
you recognize Israel's right to exist or not ?!

Abboud: Israel already exists sir. It does not need my recognition. It is
the recognition of Palestine to exist that should be addressed !!!

Fox: Mr. Ambassador, why are you so one sided and biased in answering our
questions ???

Abboud: Sir, it is you who is very one-sided and biased in your questioning

Fox interviewer (totally at a loss of words): Mr. Abboud, Lebanese
Ambassador to the United States, thank you sir for your time and the
interview !!!
************************************************ <>

Please .... sign and forward it to all your friends in order to bring Ariel Sharon to justice. The petition below will help the lawyers in Belgium who are suing Ariel Sharon for war crimes.They need 1,000,000 signatures.

Please use following web address to read and sign the petition. <> <>


*************** <>
****************************** <>

People Discussion
(Friday, May 03, 2002)

I enjoyed. Thanks.

(Friday, May 03, 2002)

Thanks for great collection and posting.we all must forward this to friends and share together.

(Friday, May 03, 2002)

Israel and Estern media are against Islam. India trying to use the same media against Bangladesh. In Newspaper, in the Web, in politics, in motivating Int. intelligentia, by raising public opinion, making procession ... in each and every way.

Can't we do something? This is not the time to practice 'ek chor marley arek gaal phiriye dau'..rather is the time for 'dhil maarley patkelti khetey hoy.

I am extremely interested in doing something against this ******* country. Any suggestion guys?

(Friday, May 03, 2002)

Western Media.

(Saturday, May 04, 2002)

its really interesting when we hear that intense fighting is goin on between israel and Palestenian gunmen..

how come few Palestenian youths mostly with outdated rifles and stones can FIERCELY FIGHT with a modern israeli army equipped with tanks and helicopter gunships and all??

Unequal battle tailet kake bole?? and FIERCE fighting e kakey bole?

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