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Friday, July 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, May 02, 2002
From: p deshi

I am really getting tired of the double standard of the U.S politicians about Iraq and Israel.Israel is thumbing at the U.N and its resolutions for last thirty years and had to face no presure from the U.S or any bombing or anything else other than some more resolution asking the jewish state to comply.On the other hand Iraqi people are being killed in a casual manner like there life has no value at all backed by the some U.N resolution for more than ten years.We all know saddam is no angel but is it okay to attack a whole country because their leader is not nice.Why didn't they attack the Russian's they had lot of bad guys even evil people,oh I know they couldn't do that cause in this scenario they had to face severe retaliation from the Russian's.So U.S politicians are tough only when they are against a weak country.Its amusing to see this same politicians talks about just,morals and try to tell people all over the world what is right.Its time to stop bullying the world and start following some of their advice for themselves.This stupid news man was making comments on fox news about prince Abdullah and telling Bush to tell the prince 'Okay mr gasoline vapor sniffing beduin who do you think you are talking to and how many nukes do you have'.Now this is dangerious and stupid,if this man think they can rule the world by force and by scaring people by nukes they have a surprise wating for them.German had far better arms than any other country and still they lost,british had more experiance in war than any other country and still lost india to a half naked man with nothing more than his dedication and determination for the cause.So, wake up Amirica and do as you ask everyone else to do,not the other way around.

People Discussion
(Friday, May 03, 2002)

Nice write up pordeshi, tobu bolte hoi, " tumiki dekhecho kobhu- durjon shuneche shubachon. "Dedicated ppls unity is the deadly weapon to kill the evils"
Muslims all over the world should stand against all evil forces as our devine guide teaches us.
Dedication and determination along with submission to almighty's code of life is a key to success.

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