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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, April 29, 2002
From: p deshi

I say give girls access to every job a man can handle.Girls are not only tough,sometime they are tougher than man.Women pilots in the U.S army doing a great job.I think its good idea to get the ladies involve in everything.And if there is a war they will die with the man too.Equal oppertunity with equal responsibility.Good luck ladies.

People Discussion
(Tuesday, April 30, 2002)

the place were girls dont have freedom , do think so girls can go in army ?

p deshi
(Tuesday, April 30, 2002)

why not

(Tuesday, April 30, 2002)

Glad u feel strongly about girls havin’ equal
opportunity….but I think that the reason there’s little
freedom in army 4 girls is b cos of the image that society
paints on us..there are certain things that we r cable of
doin’ but just don’t do it as there are restriction placed
upon us…either religiously or culturely.

(Tuesday, April 30, 2002)

I mean equal
opportunity is every where needed, not just in army. But by
allowing girls to get into army wont mean guys n girls have
equal opportunity. Its like how often do u see guys as
beauticians….not very often hey…but that doesn’t mean guys
don’t have the quality to b 1…it just means that it won’t b
suitable in certain stages. This doesn’t mean that guys
don’t have equal opportunity of being a beauticians…I think
it’s the same picture with girls being in the army. Now a
days there are plenty of girls who feel strongly about
being involved in army….so at the end it all comes down to
“how u wanna lead your life”

p deshi
(Wednesday, May 01, 2002)

See,the problem with Bangladesh is,even though we are called democracy, in reality its a long way from it.We are slow learners as a country,japan staged an olympic after 20 years of heroshima and we are still arguing about who was freedom fighter and who weren't.To be successful as a country people have to be free to make their choice and shouldn't be controled in the name of religion or anything else and once people have that freedom of choice they will flourish in every aspect of life.This goes for men and woman.Woman could be really valuable in planning,psychological warfare and other similar fields in a war.

(Thursday, May 02, 2002)

yeah i do agree with u but dont u think it will take some time to be controled . mean it will take atleast 20 yrs to get the freedom of the girl and to change our scocity. we cant do it rigth now . b./c it;s not rigth time . and i think so we should wait and beside figth for it too
and comparing with other country with bd now it sounds little bit stupied ( plz dont mind )

p deshi
(Thursday, May 02, 2002)

Bangladesh don't have a structure for real democracy yet.Everything is run by Dhaka and it run by the PM whoever it might be.Local people have no say in their own community.So,we need time and participation in the system from men women alike.Why shouldn't i compare with other countries,south korea had a lower GDP than Bangladesh in 1964 and where they are now,our people are not stupid they are doing great all over the world.Only reason they are not doing better in their homeland because the political leadership is corrupt and has no direction,their only concern is to hang on to power.They are fighting with each other about stupid personal stuff but not for people.These people has no vision for the country,you ask any of these morans where they see Bangladesh twenty years from now they will have no answer for you.I only hope some body with some vision for the future comes to power and change everything that is wrong with our country.

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