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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2002
From: Nirob
~~~!!!~~~Everthin' yaa want, pocha meye(----- ----)~~~!!!~~~

----- ----, won't ya tell me why there's sadness in urrrrr eyes nnn don't wanna say "good-bye"(love's a big illusion I should try to forget)!!!!!!!

there's somethin' left in my head(yaa rrr the one who set it uppp nn now ya rrr the one to make it stop)nn I 'm the one who's feelin' lost now, ----- ----.......

the feelings(????????) so stron' were lastin' for so lon' nnn 'm the one(really 'm I?) urr heart missin' nn thats why yaaa go away I know. I won't forget the way ya were kissin' ----- ----. yaa were never satisfied no matter how I tried

love's a big illusion, I should try to forget but there's somethin' left in my head(don't know which way to go nn there ain't so much to say now between us ----- ----!!!!! there aint so much for yaaaa/ain't so much for me anymoree nn thats why ya go away, I know)..........

iffff tomorrow would stay behind nnnnn my eyes that never wake up, ----- ----. its the way I feel when I feel yaaa inside/hold yaaa in my arms(ifff its not madness........its not love, ----- ----)

kintu -----------------------------------------------(Ocean apart day after dayyy nnn I slowly goooo insane)

People Discussion
(Wednesday, April 24, 2002)

for only shybal saheb>>>>>

a river can dry
a mountain can vanish..
you(pocha meye)can forget me

but cannot i(nosto chhele,shybal)

fande poriya boga( shybal)kande re

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