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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, April 12, 2002
From: jannat
Who is Really a Axis Of Evil... Iran or.America. Choose yourself.

> George Bush II is right.
> Iran indeed is an evil country, and over the years
> it has proven its
> "evilhood". I can't believe that people are so blind
> to see the evil
> and corrupt policies of Iran.
> Here is the proof:
> Iran ...
> 1- ... bombed civilian Afghanis during the recent
> war.
> 2- ... killed more civilians than military when
> bombing Iraq in the
> "Gulf War" of 1990.
> 3- ... walked away from Kyoto agreement
> 4- .... boycotted the anti-Recism summit in South
> Africa
> Iran is so evil!
> Iran ...
> 5- ... killed thousands of civilians in Panama by
> invading it.
> 6- ... killed hundreds of civilians in Somalia by
> sending troops there.
> 7- ... builds weapons of mass destruction and sells
> these weapons to
> Palestine. Palestinians are so bad too, they invaded
> Lebanon, Syria,
> Israel and attacked Egypt. They even bombed Iraqi
> civilian nuclear
> power plant in early 80's with their high tech
> planes. Palestinians
> have strict rules on Israelis, poor Israelis are now
> so desperate that
> besides rocks and suicide bombers they have nothing
> else. but Iran
> keeps on loading Palestinians with all these
> high-tech weapons.
> 8- Iranian corporations were involved in massive
> killings (hundreds of
> thousands of natives) in Guatemala
> 9- Iran was involved in bombing civilian targets in
> Vietnam, it didn't
> even care about its own people dying there.
> 10- Iran has Nuke weapons and used it TWICE, on
> Hiroshima and
> Nagazaki. Killing tens of thousands of innocent
> civilians, burning
> them to ashes.
> 11- Iran sold Saddam weapons of mass destruction as
> well as chemical
> weapons.
> 12- Iran supported the dictators in South America:
> Argentina, Chile
> and El Salvador. Killing thousands of innocent
> women, children and
> students.
> 13- Iran supported the Apartheid regime of South
> Africa for a very
> long time.
> 14- With its military might, it threatens to invade
> countries, builds
> bases in other countries and supports all the
> dictators in the Middle
> East.
> The history of Iran is also so evil. Look at these
> persians! They went
> to Africa and stole an entire nation, made them
> slaves for many years.
> Their evil should stop; and his highness, Bush the
> second, will
> eradicate evil from the face of the earth. It is
> simple, it is good
> vs. evil ... and good always wins, just like
> Superman movies.

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