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Wednesday, August 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Friday, April 12, 2002
From: jannat
Some are says, God is seen Why we should believe ?

It is the continution of previous article 04/08/02.  Mehdi: Why is God invisible?
Mohammed: Let`s ask ourselves another question before answering yours.
everything in the world visible so that we may say that those things
are invisible do not exist at all? can you see your own wisdom in your
Mehdi, and do you know where it is located?
Mehdi: No, I don`t.
Mohammed: When your head aches, can you "see" your headache?
Mehdi: No, I can`t.
Mohammed: We become happy or sad about some events. Can we see our
or sadness?
Mehdi: No, we can`t.
Mohammed: Then is it possible to say that you are mad or lying if you
your head aches and so on, beause you don`t see your wisdom, your head
your pleasure or sadness and you can`t locate them in your body?
Mehdi: No, it isn`t.
Mohammed: In the world where we live, we don`t see lot of things but we
that they exist. God, too, is over and above this world and beings and
can`t compare Him with worldly beings. So God exists but He can`t be
These examples were given for the purpose of removing obscurities out
of you

Let me finish this topic with one brief story.
In the British Period in Great India a Hindu Guy ask a question to a
maulana. One is , if Jin is made by a fire than how God can punish him
fire. Because he is made by fire. the other one is If we can not seen
why we should belief in unseen.
Maulana thinks and then he took piece of a hard clay and struck on the
Hindus head. The Hindu person get angry and he call a Britsh police to
justice. The Hindu man explain the matter to British. Where is my
fault , I
just ask him a question.
The British ask the why you done it, Maulana said I am just answering
question. The British said, What!! What do you mean by that.
maulana said He ask me If Jin is made by Fire , How God can punish him
fire. Maulana said I struck him with piece of clay because Human being
made of clay , I think he shouldn`t be hurt. Because he is also made of
Clay. Then ask me If you can not see God, Why we should belief. This
Hindu Gentle person saying the true, is it really hurt by strcuking with clay,
how we can belief, We can not see his pain. After listening the
talking the British did not give any punishment.
It is not necessary that, we have to see to belief.

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