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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, April 11, 2002
From: Jodi-Kintu-Athoba
Why we Love Men

Why We Love Men
They've got that comfortable place
on their shoulder that's perfect for
snuggling into while we fall asleep.
They're enthusiastic about our bodies,
even when we're not.
Chest hair, forearm hair and
the feel of a newly shaved cheek.
The glimpse you get, when they wear their
baseball cap backward of their inner Little Leaguer.
How tender they get when they cry,
and how seldom they do it.
What they lack in talk,
they tend to make up for in action.
They make excellent companions when driving through
rough neighborhoods or walking past dark alleys.
They really love their moms.
They remind us of our dads.
They never care what their horoscope,
their mother-in-law, nor the neighbors say.
They rarely lie about their age,
their weight, or their clothing size.
How nice their butts look in jeans.
How nice their hands look holding ours.
Their face is a treasure to behold when
they give us a present they picked out
They give great hugs, ( and always melt
our hearts when a sweet "I love you" is added)
They have an uncanny ability to look deeply into
our eyes and connect with our heart,
even when we don't want them to
They don't care whether colors match, but
are willing to be concerned if we want them to be
They give us a peek at the little boy
inside when they get sick or happy or hurt.

People Discussion
(Thursday, April 11, 2002)

WOW .......

Rony Salman
(Thursday, April 11, 2002)

Amra je ETTOOO BHALO, ta to jantam na!!

(Thursday, April 11, 2002)

bole ki

p deshi
(Friday, April 12, 2002)

After so many man hater,finally we have someone who appreciate man for what most of the men has,thanks.

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