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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, April 09, 2002
From: RINI

A man walks into an ice cream SHOP and says "Can I have a pint of chocolate ice cream, please?"

The clerk looks up and says "Sorry sir, but we don't have any chocolate left TODAY."

After careful pondering the man says, "OK, I'll have two scoops of chocolate ice cream, then" The clerk grows frustrated and replies "No, I'm sorry, there IS NO CHOCOLATE."

The man apologizes and stares at the menu for a while, and then says "Fine, give me just one scoop of chocolate ice cream please."

The clerk takes a breath and says "Sir, could you please spell VAN, as in Vanilla?" The man is intrigued, and so spells out "V-A-N."

The clerk nods. "Now spell STRAW, as in strawberry, please?" "S-T-R-A-W", replies the man.

"And finally, spell STINK, as in chocolate?" The man starts to say "S-T... wait a minute, there's no 'stink' in chocolate!"

"NOW we understand each other!" the clerk exclaims.

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