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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, April 06, 2002
From: Nirob
```!!!``` keep on movin' ```!!!```

I woke up today with this feelings----when rainy days rrrr dyin' gotta keep on keep on tryin' n never let goo.......keep movin' n don't stop rockin'!!!!!!!!

there's somethin' bout urrrr eyes that make me search my soul nnnn then make me try to realize I 'm tryin' to be a better man, pocha meye(tomar jonno).....yaa gotta know what's on my mind nn all I want is yaaaaaaaaa(so badly)

although it doesn't sound that much. all I 've to do is look on urrr eyes(aiyato) nn let the way I feel when yaa touch, picchi bauigh!!!!!

never knew that I could feel so stron' like the way I feel for ya. ya rrrr the only one I want at --------(hmmmmmmmm!!!! tomar maja hariya jeta....jokhon tumi niya jeta chaoo, pocha meye) ya keep me warm nnn make me feel yaaa so close n hold ya tight

I wanna take ya higher/wanna reach for the sky/wanna see ya fire........n yaa rrrr always in my mind, pocha meye.......

kintu -----------------------------------------------------------

People Discussion
(Saturday, April 06, 2002)

~~~~~~~~~~~ Nirob~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Saturday, April 06, 2002)

sobb e thik achhe.....

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